A Tribute to the late Chief Reverend Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda


On 31 Aug 2006, many mourn the lost of beloved Chief Reverend, Chief Buddhist monk for both Malaysia and Singapore. I have a lot to thank Chief Reverend because he has touched my life in so many ways. He has introduced to me and many, the life of being a Buddhist- that Buddhism is simply a way of life, writen books that changed the perspective of many.

To view/download free copies of his books, please click to this link:
http://www.ksridhammananda.com/ and select Publications.

Chief Reverend led a great life, serving others despite having a host of health problems. Chief had got heart problem, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer for years. And yet, despite his pain and sickness, he will never fail to greet his visitors or devotees with a warm smile. I would always remember listening to his talks which he had always supported with quotes from the suttas and injected a good sense of humor. He had a very infectious laughter which the audience can’t help but laugh along too. In his talks and books, he had always promoted harmony, understanding and tolerances of views and religions of others. In fact, he had always extracted examples of other religions and praised their practices.

Perhaps one of my main reasons in being so determined to visit Sri Lanka was because I wanted to see the country where this great person was born. Chief was born and ordained in Sri Lanka but came to Malaya in 1952 at the invitation of the Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society, the oldest Buddhist Society in Malaysia.

But once, a long time ago when he was 18, he had contemplated leaving monkhood because it was “dull and no fun” (click HERE to read more). But his mother managed to make him see the light.
His mother told him: “If you come home, you can serve us and your family. If you remain as a monk, you can serve the whole world.
“When I think of you, I can die peacefully. My other children cannot give me that happiness.”

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