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Tis Thing Called Life

Most of us would have remember feeling down, times when we just hit rock bottom in our lives. Times of our lives when we feel so down. Someone once said life is like a wave, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes at the bottom. Most of the time, we are on the way to the top or the bottom- we never stay there for long, luckily.

I would like to share one little unconventional way I have used- buying freshwater fish from the market (not from petshop but from those who are to be slaughtered) and releasing it in the lake. Yep, sounds simple but it works. Many years ago I gave a talk at a center to a group of people who have mostly seen much more of life that I have. They thought it was a good idea.

Here’s how it works:
1. Take a pail, preferably those with thick handles – so that it is easier to carry the load.

2. Proceed to the market that you know have fishsellers who sells and slaughter live fish.

3. Buy the fish but give very specific instruction that you want it ALIVE. Otherwise what the seller would do is to put the fishes in a plastic, spinkle salt and the poor things will be struggling and in the process, cutting each other.

4. Once you emphasize for it to be alive, what the seller would do is to fill the fishes up in a plastic bag, put water and punch some holes in it. Ask for the bag to be placed in the pail.

4. OK, now carry back to your car and head on to a lake. Try not to search for one where you see lots of people fishing.

5. Proceed to the lake, park your car, carry the pail to the water edge.

6. Open the water fish bag, say a little prayer if you want and slowly release them into the water. When the fishes go into the water, first they will be shocked, followed by joy- the joy of freedom. Yes, you can really feel it.

To watch the joy of giving other beings a chance to live is very liberating. No matter how down you are, you will surely feel better ; )

Every being treasure its life very much. No animals want to die- even small animals in the market can sense their impending fate and react with fear. You may see some jumping over and start to wiggle desperately on the floor, only to be caught and throw back into the container. Give some of them a chance to live. Yes, today you release and some may be caught by someone tomorrow. But heck, you have given them a chance to live. The rest, it depends whether if their time have arrived.

Note: Once, a council officer came with a motorbike because he was worried about what someone carrying a pail was doing. He gave a smile and said to go ahead when he found out what I wanted to do.

Yes, you may be a bit of self conscious at first because if you are going to the market with a pail, you may get a few stares. Be strong, pal. It is worth it…. try it and tell me what you think.

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