Holistic Cures for Body Aches and Other Common Ailments


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When you go to the doctor and complained about knee or lower back pain, what does your doctor prescribe? Or you have suffered a lower back injury?
Pain killers? Heat treatment? Some new pharmatical products? Perhaps you have also heard about some new herbs by direct selling companies that claimed to relieve the pain?

If you suffer from problems such as lower back, knee and shoulder pain, I would recommend that you consider trying more low impact exercises, such as yoga, pilates and weight training. Such exercises will improve your blood circulation and strengthen your muscles.

1. For instance, if you wanna lose some inches off that tummy, aside from doing sit ups like crazy, you will also need to look into strengtening your lower back muscles that will in place make it easier to burn off the fat in your stomach.

2. If you have chronic fatigue, exercise is the best cure. I used to feel so tired and now, I felt so much more alive. Caffiene or pills wouldn’t help. And avoid heavy food such as nasi lemak ayam rendang or fast food that will make your body very sluggish.

3. If you have knee pain, it will help to cut down on food and at the same time strengthen your knees. Once the muscles around your knees are stronger, plus the good circulation, your weight will be better supported by your knees. Good circulation brought about by exercise also reduces built up of toxins in the joints.

4. However, if the pain is great or due to a sports injury, you may want to consult a doctor first. Still, a few yoga instructors that I know had suffered from lower back injury. One even nearly had slipped disk. They were cured because of yoga exercises.


The following had worked for me. I hope these remedies will work for you too:

1. traditional Chinese practioners believe that sometimes pain are attributed to the wind element and the fact that the body is too “cooling”. Therefore it helps to stay away from iced/cold drinks, milk tea, caffiene, watermelon, too much cucumber, etc.

2. I honestly believe that the digestive system is the key to your health. Take good care of it and it will take care of you. Treat it like garbage dump by always putting in greasy, oily, spicy food all the time with literally no fiber and fruits and see how your body will rebel and give you all types of alergies and sickness.

3. Weak lungs and cough? When you are just beginning to cough, sometimes a bit of cardio exercises such as brisk walking can help to strengthen the lungs and cure it- faster than cough mixtures.

4. Having headaches or feeling a slight rise in temperature? Try to drink isotonic drinks like 100 plus (those drink by sports people) in 1: 1, ie one portion of isotonic drink and one portion of water. For me, I drink the water first, followed by the isotonic drink, heehee. Headache and rise in temperature are sometimes resulted from electrolite imbalance in your body. Isotonic drinks will help to balance it up.

5. Having gastric pains? Next time instead of reaching out for anti acids or charcoal pills, try this: pure oats. You know, those type of instant oats (like Quakers Oats) that you need not cook – not those 3-in-1 but pure oats. Take about 4 huge tablespoons and mix in a cup of hot water. Take it slowly and I can assure that you will feel better. You can also try that when sometimes you feel kinda funny.

6. Wondered why when you wake up every morning with bad breath? Well, bacteria located along your intensines and inside your mouth are breaking down food particles and the smell is a by product of that. So you will need to clean whatever of those rotted stuff before you put in new food, right? If your stomach is already coated with some rotten stuff, and you put more greasy food, some of those may turn into substances that are toxic to your body. These toxic substances will be carried around the bloodstream and disposed into certain parts of the body, becoming malignant growths for some people. One, two or more glasses of warm water, followed by oats and apples will help. What’s more, oats are filling and make you eat less.

Honestly, I really dislike oats but I respect the benefits and well being it provides for my digestive system.

1. My friend Dekey fractured her ankle due to a fall about 3months before our trip to Angkor. Yes, for such cases, you really have to be in a plaster cast for months. So by the time we were in Angkor, she was just out of the cast about a month and was limping during the trip. She could not climb the high staircases but we walked a lot during the few days. By the last day, her leg got so much better and she could almost walk back like normal- the exercise had strengthened and improved the blood circulation around her injured leg.

2. If you are having discipline problem, join a gym. Sometimes the financial commitment helps. But the location of the gym is also important. It should preferably be near your house or working place because distance and thoughts of traffic jam can really be huge deterrents to go.

3. Exercise can help reduce alergy reactions. I used to have running nose (sinus) in the morning and when I had alergic reaction, sometimes I would get a bit of rash and violent sneezes. Somehow after I started exercising regularly, my running nose and alergies are very much reduced. Yesterday, I was dusting my entire house and ceilings. In the past years, such cleaning days are the ones I dread most because I will have very bad sneezes and running nose even though I wear a tight surgical mask. I was pleasantly surprised that I just got off with a few initial light sneezes and then ok througout.

In our lives today, most of us will resort to quick cures such as antibiotics, pain killers, operations, etc. Taking too much of this will inhibit our bodies’ natural abilities to fight illness and heal itself.

Take care of your body and it will be your friend through old age, treat it badly, and it will be the worst enemy that you will ever know.



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  • Anonymous Apr 27, 2008 Link Reply

    this is some good advice… I’m new to the ‘love my body’ mentality. I’ve have been mean to my poor body thus far but I’m still in my 20’s and I think it is now or never to be serious about my health. Do you have any recomendations for books/sources of where to get advice like this?? Thanks in advance!!

    Very Hopeful….

  • stop stuttering Nov 24, 2009 Link Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to write about this, I feel strongly about it and enjoy learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is exceedingly helpful for me.

  • Lena Shearer Dec 14, 2009 Link Reply

    I don’t use bar bells when I lift, but I still was able to use what you wrote and use it for my own use. I workout on the weight machines. One thing tht I realized a long time ago is that concentration is so important. I am not sure why not many people replied to this post. I just wanted to tell you that I agree with you. I appreciate the information, thanks.

    • Yin Teing Dec 16, 2009 Link Reply

      Thanks so much Lena. Yes, concentration is important and makes the workout more effective.

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