Looking for that someone special?


Still looking for that special one…. one who loved you unconditionally and with all loyalty……

When you are down, you get a warm willing body to hug and that will always make you feel better….and what’s best… there is literally no strings attached… you don’t have to buy him or her an expensive gift or take up mind reading as a survival skill.

One who will never scold or get angry with you (even though you at fault)….
Forgives and forgets all wrongs…

Whom you can share your deepest and darkest secrets to… and will never that trust…

Who shares your joy and tears… on sunny days or lonely, cold rainy nights….

You can be the worst jerk in the world, and yet in his or her eyes, you’ll always be the hero….
How are we ever going to find that perfect one?
Sometimes…. the answer exists right under your nose.. so close that you never realised it…







Get a pet dog 🙂 


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