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Star World is showing the series Ghost Whisperer. The series was inspired by James Van Praagh, a well known American pyschic who is also the co-producer.

James has a special gift in his real life- he could hear the voices of spirits and for many years, he had held many readings over the span of 22years. He helped the deceased to pass the message, and the living to resolve their grief or let go and move on.

I have read 2 of James Van Praagh’s books and brought one of them called “Talking to Heaven”. It is an insipational book because he countered many real life experiences of those whose lives he had changed. Many a times we felt we are truly alone but we are actually not.

Yet, we are not able to receive any message from those who passed on and often require the help of a more spiritually sensitive person to either see or hear them. The url of his official website is:

Here are comments taken from the episode I watched last Sunday (I think TV8 had previously shown it):
1. The deceased that has not ‘crossed over’ become earth bound spirit, wondering around.

2. Whenever some special event in the human world such as the birth of a child, pregnancy, it sends a strong ripple in the spirit world which may have awaken the deceased.

3. At first, the ghost of the deceased may appear very scary, especially if the deceased just died or is lost and confused. However, as the deceased adapts and accept more, he/she would slowly revert back to their original form.

4. They normally hang around when there is some unresolved issues that deeply troubles them. Once it is resolved, they would probably ‘move to the light’ or cross over.

As James Van Praagh is the executive producer of the show, I strongly doubt that the storyline is derived from an active imagination. Perhaps if you watch the show, you may learn important lessons not only about the death, but about living. Always cherish your loved ones. Never take them for granted.

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  • Karen K May 29, 2007 Link Reply

    you’re very right.
    always cherish your loved ones, never take them for granted.
    i will remember this line from today onwards when i’m not happy.

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