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Like most typical clutterer, I’ve always resisted the idea of organizing my stuff such as paper mails, emails, desk, closets, etc. I’ve always thought that being too organised would stiffle my creativity and I end up wasting more time packing.

Now, my views are very different. Since cleaning the 2000 odd mails lying in my Inbox (either deleting them or parking them into appropriate folders), and keeping it that way:

  • I feel more productive, my mind clearer and less bothered with sometimes overwhelmed feeling or fear that I may have missed an important email.
  • I save lots of time scrolling up and down searching for mails- I can find and work on emails more easily.
  • My creativity is not affected at all.

By being more organised, you really save a lot of time. For instance, after I gotten my closet organised, I do not waste time every morning looking for my clothes in a pile (and realising that the outfit that I wanted to wear to work has not been ironed)- honestly, sometimes I spent up to 15 min coz I could not find a particular blouse or underwear. Now, it is not chaotic anymore coz everything has its rightful place.

There are much more to do. Lots to work on in my home and I am taking small steps. Today,

  • unpack fruits and place them nicely into baskets for easy access
  • pack away 2 bags of paper for recycling.
  • throw away a bag of rubbish from old stuff.
  • packed magazines neatly into a storage box and put back in the lowest book shelf (previously the magazines kept collecting dusk because it is at the base of the bookshelf).
  • clear up 2 tables at my hall area.

Clutter, especially those that are collecting dusk, produces negative psychic energies to its surrounding. Currently, reading this book “It’s Hard to Make a Difference When you Can’t Find Your Keys” by Marilyn Paul. It’s a good book that combines the spiritual benefits/reasons that decluttering and being organised can bring into your life.

I also find that instead of staring straight at the TV and watching the commercials, I do stuff in between such as tidying and packing stuff or reading.

If you do something because it is a task, you will dread it. But changing my diet has a chain effect and brought about a genuine interest to be more organised. As Marilu Henner (my fav show at Discovery H&H) said, “clutter is the natural enemy of the shaped up life”. Don’t let clutter ruin your life – control clutter before it controls you.

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