It was during the 80s that I first watched the show “Nightsong“, episode 6 of season 2 of the Twilight Zone. I was very young when I saw the show but it has left deep impact because of the sad ending. And when you are young, little things does leave big impact. I remembered immediately taking down a pen and wrote down the storyline at the back cover of an exercise book so that I will not forget. And for more than 20 years, the show had remained at the back of my mind- and I have no idea how to look for it.

So guess who came to the rescue? Where else but…. YouTube.

The show starred Antony Hamilton & Lisa Eilbacher. Curious, I goggle-d both the stars. To my surprise, Antony Hamilton had passed away in 1995 due to AIDS related illness. It’s sad to know that.

Life can be so fleeting for some people and their flame just died out. Christopher Reeve looked so invincible when he acted in Superman and Somewhere in Time (my favourite shows) – but he is gone now.

Who would have thought that both of these actors whose shows touches the hearts of people will be gone 20 years down the road?
No one knows the future may bring. So live, and live well… that when the time comes to leave this world, we go with no regrets. Don’t sweat on small stuff. Life’s just too precious for that.

Here’s the show:
Part 1, part 2, part 3.

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