The “Eye”- the ability to see the departed

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This topic is going to be a bit unconventional- the ability to see those who have passed on.

I know of a friend who had this ability to see the dead. It runs in her family and her entire family can also see these beings as well, but to a different degree. Like she sees more of ‘solid’ whereas her brother sees much more horrifying sites. Sometimes she also hear or smell or see black cats but she knew that there are no real cats. Her nephew, is constantly in fear because he can see too. And ‘they’ knew she can see too- so sometimes they do try to scare or do things to annoy her. When she was young, she was scared but now, she is braver- still, she thinks of this ability more as a curse.

Once, when her brother was driving with her using the off highway rural road, as they were nearing a particular dark sport, she heard screams. The screams came from different voices and sounded as if in much pain. Because the place was dark, her brother on the spotlight and it shone on a road sign that mentioned that it is an accident area and many accidents had happened there. Her sister, who was seated at the back, heard these screams too.

Scientists will call all this imagination or could be a figment of imagination from something ingrained deeply in the subconscious. But not able to see does not mean that it is not there. I had advised this friend of mine, who is a Christian, to constantly pray. She can find time to pray for these unseen beings. Having kindness in the heart helps as well- because compassion and kindness-there are universal language that is understood by all beings, even in animals. All beings respond to kindness. She did agree with me that after she had started praying to God more often, most of the time, these beings cannot come near her.

Most Asians would be able to tell you stories about themselves or someone they knew who had the experience of being ‘disturbed’ by these unseen beings. Think of it this way: Supposed you are stranded in an island with no inhabitants but with constant danger and threats of wild animals and the elements. You would give anything to see your family members again- heck- you wonder if you will ever make it out into the island.

Then one day, a small boat passed by in a distance. The boat’s is the only way out- wouldn’t you do anything to attract the attention of the owner so that he can come to rescue you? It’s the same with these beings- sometimes, they manifest into scary images or make someone sick- so that they get the attention.

But a person, with high spiritual development and virtue, will be able to subdue and help these beings through kindness, not with ‘punishing’ them. “Hate is not overcome by hate. Only by love can hate be overcomed”.

But praying for guidance and practicing kindnes are also important to enable us to tune to a higher frequency/vibrations. I do not think that people who are involuntarily endowed with this ability should treat it as a curse- sometimes, it can be made to help others. For those who wants to benefit others, they first have to embark on the most difficult task- to change themselves. To make themselves become kinder, more generous, forgiving, helpful, compassionate person. This is not easy because the hardest person to change is ourselves. It is often the hardest challenge to overcome in life.

As we become kinder and better person, our vibration energy changes. Gradually, the person who has the ‘eye’ no longer sees darker beings all the time, but more of beings of light like angels. Regardless of the type of unseen beings they see, their prayers reaches the heart of all beings. They devote themselves to help these beings and also others- sometimes serving as a bridge between the living and dead. I have also personally known of people who fall into this category-I considered them the ‘chosen ones’ and they fulfill the task that they have been brought into the world to do.

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