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Cleaning House & Energy Levels


What I dread the most is cleaning my house, especially my room. I don’t sleep in my room for many years because it is too messy. It’s just a place where I store my stuff. A special guest will be staying at my home- and I had to clean my extremely messy room, scrub the tiles in my bathroom, then vacuum and mop my whole house. Yes, humble house like mine without air-con tends to accumulate lots of dust, not to mention fur balls from my extremely furry pet.

Sometimes, I marvel at the increased energy levels in myself. Before this, I was always too tired to do any cleaning. Yesterday, after feeling slightly lazy, I headed on to the gym for some workout-hoping to restore my energy levels. But after almost an hour of cardio, I realised that I’ve overdone the exercise and was a bit physically tired. So I slept early.

This morning, I got up feeling energetic, and started with the cleaning. Worked from morning till about 5pm, stopping for a short while for meals and watching the final 1/2 hour of Beowulf shown in HBO because I caught a snippet of the show while passing by my living room and was hooked.

But I did cleaning most of the time, thrown out about 5 big bags of garbage. As my room had that stale smell, after cleaning (a sign that no one really occupies the room), I burned some incense and felt the energy level in the room becoming more positive. My suggestion to those who can’t seemed to get rid of the stale smell from a room that hardly been used is to burn sandalwood or incense and open all windows and doors to allow as much lighting to enter the room as possible. It will almost change the atmosphere of the room.

The toughest part was scrubbing the white tiles in my bathroom with a toothbrush- I think I spent about 2 hours just scrubbing and cleaning the tiles, but I was happy at the end result.

In the past, low energy levels had always deterred me from much house cleaning. It’s normally done by my mom- and it’s bad of me to let my mom do all the work. Since I’ve started exercising, my energy levels are up. Especially since I’ve finally managed to exercise at vigorous pace- which helped improve my cardiorespitory fitness (heart, lungs and circulation). After which, I am able to sustain higher energy levels on days that I do not exercise- but I’ve gotten the habit of moving around often.

To someone who is hyperactive, you may not understand how it feels to be tired all the time. But for anyone who is having chronic fatigue and having difficulty of having energy to do things, you will know how it feels to dread anything that requires lots of moving.

For most who have this condition, would strongly suggest to check on your sugar and starch intake- cut down on sweet tooth indulgence. Then start one day at a time- start small- like taking the lift and stopping 2 floors below your office and taking the stairs on the rest of the way. Do a bit of stretching and light exercise while watching TV. These little lifestyle changes makes a lot of difference. Slowly, your body will stop fighting you whenever you need to get up and move.

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