How to add a 3rd column on your Blogspot blog


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If you use the Blogger template, you may notice that the default templates does not contain 3 columns. They’re all 2 column templates. The template of one of my inactive blog is an example.

For a long time, I did not think that adding a third column is possible. I really wanted a 3rd column to play around with. I was on the verge of getting my own domain name just to get a site with more features. Honestly, I just love blogging and experimenting with different layouts.

Then, one night, I googled “blogger how to add a third column” and find some interesting answers. I tried the options and html coding given by each site- and find that one works for me. So now you would have noticed that I managed to get my 3rd column (on the left). To view my blog with 3 columns, visit

The site that offers instruction that worked for me is:
Many people think the function in Blogger are quite limited. But I’ve discovered that there are many sites out there that offer advise on how to improve the existing blogger template. You just need to be patient, search for them and try out each one to see which works for you.


  • If you select a template that has colour, once you add the third column, the post section may contain 2 different colour tone. To avoid that, select a plain/ Minima template (without multiple colour tones) and slowly work to add more features.
  • Always safe your html template before making any testing or changes. This is because, just a slight mistake like accidentally deleting symbols like , / may cause your template not to work. If you have not backed up the data, you will use your original template.

If you like this article, you may also want to read Truncate or Creating Post Exerpt for Blogspot Blogger


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  • RW Sep 21, 2008 Link Reply

    You can also try threecolumnblogger. The site has easy instructions for adding a third column to a variety of free Blogger templates

  • bopdilly Nov 14, 2008 Link Reply

    Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I will necessarily subscribe for this blog.

  • Wow Yin Teing, didn’t know you are very skilled in IT – most importantly your curiosity has resulted in a lot of good learning. I have a site on geocities with charts and diagrams created by using MS word transforming into html and then copying the html script to geocities. Unfortunately when planning to migrate to blogspot, blogspot’s html could not support it. Reading your post made me realize – i just need to google and find out.

    what do you think of this site

    Any of your playing around found any good resource to do the trick?

  • Yin Teing Aug 6, 2009 Link Reply

    Hi Philip,
    Would suggest if you are considering to migrate, use a Wordpress blog instead of Blogger. There are lots of plugins, ie extra functions- like the simple ability that you can choose to be notified via email as I comment back on your comment. But as for graphics, I am not well versed in this- normally all my pictures are in jpg files.

  • Good answer! Wow I’m impressed by your knowledge. I think I need to just group the graphics as jpg as it is neater as well.

  • Mubashir Aug 21, 2009 Link Reply

    hey thanx for sharing this.i need it as i m new blogger n trying thiongz..
    visit my blog and i welcome all for link exchange also

  • Kelli Garner Sep 26, 2009 Link Reply

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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