The Beautiful House by the Sea


In May 08, I visited one of the most magnificient house. With the constant sea breeze blowing through the beautifully decorated home and the sea water flapping behind the fence, it is sheer heaven.

I was on the second floor verandah, with the sea less than 10 metres away and the calm afternoon sea breeze blowing through my face. The house I was in was so beautifully and tastefully designed- every single room from the bathroom, garden, living and dining rooms, and even equipped with a home office- the owner had spared no expense in making the house as comfortable as possible.

One would think that the owner and his family must be the happiest and most contended people on earth.

But the truth to be told, it is quite sad. The owner, who owns a factory manufacturing plastic products is a very filial son.

He had brought the beautiful beach home for his beloved aged mother. He wanted his mother to live as comfortable as possible. His mom was already quite frail and was not able to walk without a cane or assistance. His wife had constantly fought with him because she’s was not happy that he had spent lots of time taking care of his mother.

As the result, the couple were divorced (that was more than 10 years before he bought the house). Till today, he had never remarried and devotes his free time for his mother. He carried his mother (to and from the car to the wheelchair) for walks in the park, shopping complexes, beachside, etc. He also has 2 grown up children staying with him.

Sadly, due to weakness and pain (full blown osteoarthritis) on both her legs, his mom gradually was unable to walk and become bedridden. Gradually, she suffers from lost of body function and now requires tube feeding and has to wear adult diapers. She is also half conscious and do not seems to respond to her surroundings. There is an oxygen tube nearby as well.

When I saw her condition, I felt very sad- the family stayed in such a beautiful house by the sea, and yet, the owner, a very filial son, had to watch his beloved mother suffering and her body wasting away. He had spent lots of money for his mother going from one treatment to another but could not find the cure.

The lesson hit me hard- I’ve learned that money truly cannot buy happiness. What is the point of staying in such a beautiful house when you are unhappy? Many people worked their butts off in jobs that they do not like to earn enough money for their dream home, cars, holidays, etc. But in the end, they may realise that in the midst of all the rush to earn money, they spent years living in unhappiness, accumulating health problems, losing important friendships and relationships and becoming someone whom they can’t bear to look in the mirror every morning.

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