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Dear visitors,

This site replaces my previous life blog which I have originally started since 1996. Currently I maintain 2 blogs on 2 separate themes:

  • Blogging bout life- which will be hosted here
  • Health blog- articles about losing weight, staying motivated, different eating plans, more holistic ways to cure conditions such as fatigue, lower back pain, etc.

At the moment, this blog still looks very amateurish but the functionalities available here far surpass those of Blogger. I will be changing templates, adding more plugins and functions. Wordpress templates are real cool (and free too)- to see what it can do, visit my Health Blog at http://healthblog.yinteing.com/


I have tried to remain with Blogger as long as I can but I saw the need to migrate to my own domain name and paid web hosting. So on 19 September 08, I’ve made the decision to purchase my own domain name- the final straw came because I ran into problems with a bug when I tried to add one of the function on it.

Do come back soon and you will be able to see the improvements as promised. In future, I will share my experiences in using Blogger (I know there are many Blogger fans out there and I want to offer some word of advice especially if you plan to add new functionalities based on my experience). All this will be shared once I completed the transfer process.

Welcome to my site and I look forward to future visits from you 🙂

Update: All posts have been migrated and tagged on 24 Sept 08

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