Internet Get Rich Schemes- Don’t Fall for Them


You would have read about bloggers who have made it big on the net. Or people making a living online through other methods such as selling on eBay, Amazon, affliate marketing, reviews, etc.  It is hard work- you’ll probably have to spend longer hours working compared to your day job.

Then a googled search using words on ‘how to make money to the internet’ will land you on various websites promising shortcuts to get rich. What the top bloggers and internet marketeers taught are pure crap, they say. They want to teach you an easier method that you spend only 15 minutes a day and make enough money to retire at 21.  And you don’t even need to know html or anything else to get rich.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s likely just too good to be true.


PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THESE SCAMS– most of them are nothing but internet get rich scams- you may some money for their e-book, only to realise it is cheating you. Many people had been ‘bitten’ or cheated by the promises made by these people who are out to make money from the newbie or the beginner.

If you look at profiles of successful intenepreneurs and bloggers- you will notice that like all successful people- they work hard at it. They have many loyal visitors and readers because they share and write methods whom they themselves are the living proof of the success. They share their trials and errors, and methods that they’ve used. That is why people keep going back to their sites- because they offer something of value. And they are also upright honest – that it is a highly competitive industry- only a small handful will succeed.

Whereas, if you notice sites offering you various shortcuts- they are secretive about the methods- they generally do not dwell on the method and you will only know unless you buy their e-book.

Personally, I’ve not fallen for these because I’ve been around surfing net since 1999 and I use the internet a lot in my previous job. So I learn that there for long term if you want to strike it rich, you have to be committed about it. You have to work hard to built your own supporters by providing good content, by taking part in social networking sites, by supporting other sites and constantly providing value to your visitors.

Still, what prompted me to write this article is after knowing that many others actually got cheated by these scams when I read experience by others. If you want to know the real good sites out there, check out ‘Great Sites on Blogging & Making Money Through the Internet’. I go to most of these blogs frequently- these are blogs from well known bloggers who have well proven themselves. If you were to buy a product or ebook, it is better to buy from these bloggers who has proven success through the traffic and revenue that they drive in.

I just came across a very good writeup (the yellow box below) that shows you how to identify a scam site- the way it is writen is so smart and funny. Then after reading it, go to the grey box on your right to see an example:


An example of a site– watch out for sites like this. Read the advise on your left first

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