How to Make a Malaysian Passport


UPDATE: Renewing passport is now very easy. 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view my updated post in July 2017 on changing both my NRIC (to the new version) and renewing my passport on the same day at Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri at Jalan Duta. 

The process would be similar with other immigration branches, however the duration may differ.

Below information is no longer applicable as the Immigration Department is renewing passport is now a breeze (provided you do not go on a Saturday).


I am writing this article because I noticed that many people are not familiar with the passport making process and hence have to go through a lot of hassle. Here are what I’ve learned from my recent experience.

What to Prepare:

Trust me, if you take a little time to prepare the following documents, it will save you a lot of time and hassle:

1. Bring your old passport if you’ve ever had one. Even though your previous passport had expired 10 years ago, you MUST bring it along when you are doing a new passport. This is because so long as there was any passport issued to you, the Immigration will consider that you are ‘renewing’ and if you forgot to bring your old passport, well, you’ll have to go back home and look for it.

2. Your original NRIC and 2 sets of photocopies. Take note that when you photocopy your IC, the front and back must be on the SAME page. If it is on a separate page or it is back and forth, then I’m afraid you will have to photostat again there. And the queue at the photostat machine at the Immigration is very long.

3. Two RECENT passport sized photo. It has to be recent because if you don’t look like the one on the photo, the Immigration officer may ask you to take again. Even if the hairstyle/ colour is different from the photo, you may be asked to retake the photo. You can retake at the Immigration but you will need to pay about RM7 for 2 copies of instant photo.

If you are taking the photo at the shop, ensure the owner knows that is allowed- like white background or wearing white, etc is not allowed. Else, if your photo is not within the ‘guidelines’ to ensure you do not need to retake it.

4. Form– you have to fill up a form- I think it is about RM1 to purchase the form.  For me, I paid RM5 for someone to fill up the form for me (the person have a small booth near the entrance) because I wanted to avoid any mistakes.

For those who want to make passport attached with their children, I am sorry as I am not familiar with those guidelines.

What to do when you arrive at Immigration office:

Immigration office is actually quite efficient. Some of it is able to issue the passport within the same day. Find out the branch that is able to do so- I know Pelabuhan Klang (North port) branch which is located 2 doors away from the Pelabuhan Klang KTM Kommuter station is able to issue passport on the same day (but please arrive very early).

1. Take a form from the “Borang and Pertanyaan” counter and pay about RM1 for the form. Else, get someone to fill up the form and pay about RM5.

2. Attach 2 copies of photostat NRIC, 2 copies of recent passport photo, your previous passport and your original NRIC with the form. Proceed to “Nombor Giliran” counter to take your number. Remember: If your documents are not complete (for instance, your NRIC is photostated in the wrong format), you will not be issued with any number. So, please learn from others experience and provide all the completed documents. When they give you a number, they will also return back your original NRIC. Wait till your number is called.

3. When your number is called, you will go to another counter. Here, you show your number and your NRIC. You will need to put both your left and right thumbprint on a computerised thumb print gadget. After that, you will be asked to sit down and wait. Take note that you have to retain your number (angka giliran) for the next step that is to pay.

4. There is normally only one payment counter (counter 9 in the Port Klang branch)- that counter will call your number (the same number that was issued to you initially). When your turn comes, go to the counter, pay the RM300 (normal sized passport) or RM500 (thicker passport for frequent travellers). You will be issued a receipt. For me, I was asked to come back 2 hours (you can have your breakfast near the harbour and enjoy the sea view for a while) later to collect the passport- that is why you need to check around and find out if the Immigration office can issue on the same day. The last I know, the Subang and Jalan Duta offices requires you to come back the next day to collect your passport.

5. After 2 hours, go the counter labelled “Kaunter Penyerahan and Pengumpulan Passport” or something like that- indicating it is for you to collect your passport. In the Port Klang branch, it is kaunter 3. Now, you have to take another number and wait for your turn to collect the passport. When you collect it, show your original NRIC and sign your name at the last page of the passport.

With that, you’re done. Even if you forgot to bring your photo or photostat your NRIC, you go through it and may still be able to get your new passport before 12pm- if you arrive very early that the time is not within festive session (where everyone wants to renew their passport to travel). Also, it depends on the Immigration office that you go to- if it busy ones like Jalan Duta, then if you forget to bring your photostat IC, then you wait much longer.

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