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Everyone knows that the world is entering into a global recession. Experts are predicting that the worst is yet to come. All sectors of industry and all levels from poor to rich feel the pinch of the global slowdown.

Christmas decoration 2008 at a shopping complex in Thailand

Christmas decoration 2008 at a shopping complex in Thailand

However, on 3 January 2009, what I have read in the Starbizweek – the words by Joey Yap is really inspiring:

“I would say that the best thing to invest in is yourself. Most people have this victim mentality. I want to say this: You are not the victim. That is nonsense. Everyone has the same two hands and two legs and the same 24 hours. Instead of saying you are worst off because the economy is languishing, why don’t you think how you can value add instead,” says Yap.

Hence, under such circumstances, Yap says to do one’s job better, and not to blame other people.

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When things goes bad, many people will choose to blame the everything from the government, economy, policy makers, bad luck, bad boss, etc. However, in bad times, some will rise to the challenge and make the best out of the worst. When interviewed, these people seemed to never blame anyone and work very hard. Those of us who only wallow in our own misery and blame others will be lagged behind the race.

Over these few months, I have realised that no external circumstances have the power to make us miserable or unhappy unless we ourselves give it power.  Slowly, I find that taking accountability and responsibility regardless of whatever circumstances that life hits us is what that gives real inner strength.

If we accept the good times, we have to be prepared to face the bad times. Very importantantly, we can do away with unnecessary expenses. Services and subscriptions that we do not need, we can learn to eliminate. If we always felt that we ‘deserve’ to eat in an expensive place and comfort ourselves with expensive stuff, I can say that this view is really misguided thinking. I’ve had held this view for many years and finally realise through living a more simplified life in Thailand that really, we don’t have to be rich to be happy. Really.

All the best in this year. Face with courage, count your blessings and use this opportunity for personal growth. This too, shall pass.

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