Please Do Not Eat Animals that are Not Meant to be Eaten

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During a trip to the Chow Kit market, I was shocked to see that my favourite species of tortoise was being sold for meat. At first, I thought the guy was selling it for people to buy as pets. But the tortoise were all grown up and when I looked further, I saw a plastic container containing severed body parts, intestines, etc.

Turtles are not meant to be eatenNote: Turtles are not meant to be eaten

Ever since young, I have a very soft spot for tortoises and turtles. They are one of my favourite animals- I find it very endearing that they go around carrying their little houses (eg shells) with them. It breaks my heart to see them being slaughtered and sold as meat in the markets and restaurants.

I remembered a few years ago, I had a dream of a man who was throwing tortoises in boiling water alive to cook them. In my dream, he was holding a slaughtering knife, I think, but I yelled at him: “What are you doing? Don’t you know that you will go to hell for this! Stop it! How much these tortoises cost? Let me buy them- don’t kill them anymore!”.

One thing that I am not especially proud of the Chinese is that some of them practically eat any species of animals- and they even had to torture some of these animals. If you are one of them, my advise is please cease to eat the type of animals that are not meant to be eaten such as:

  • snakes
  • tigers
  • wild boar
  • tortoise/ turtles
  • dogs
  • monkeys

The Danger of Eating Certain Animals that are NOT meant to be eaten

A healer once advised us never to eat “yeh mei” or wild delicacies. She said that the meat of these type of animals contained a kind of unseen poison that once consumed, will result it diseases like cancer.

She had treated many cases of illness in people who had eaten wild delicacies for so called nutritional values. I have faith in the healer because when I was 15 years old, I had a strange illness that the best specialist in my mom’s hospital could not treat effectively.

As a final resort, my mom’s friend took me to this healer. According to the healer, I came in contact with a vengeful spirit while learning swimming during the Hungry Ghost month (it falls on the 7th Lunar month of the Chinese calender- during older times, children are told not to wonder around at night). Whether it was true or not, the healer said that she will heal it within 6 months and after that, there should not be any recurrence. It is true, after 6 months, I no longer had any symptoms anymore.

The healer also mentioned that countries like Hong Kong and China that do not believe in kamma (cause and effect) and practices extreme cruelty to animals- having animals tortured and die a slow painful death when eating them beings will result in bad consequences that comes in the form of nature disasters and diseases outbreaks. If I was not mistaken, she made this prediction before the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong and years before nature disasters started happening in China.

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There are so many meat sources- you wouldn't want to eat this fella, do you?

There are so many meat sources- you wouldn’t want to eat this fella, do you?

Like eating tiger penises to improve the sex drive- people never thought about how they are encouraging the wild animal trade and causing the diminishing population of tigers by making this type of demands.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. We do not lose anything by NOT partaking in such wildlife meat or animals that are not meant to be eaten. I remember years ago, I went with my relatives- I got a shock of my life when they ordered turtle soup and I nearly cried in front of everyone.

But in order not to cause a scene, I had kept quiet and of course I never touched the soup. A few years later, the young man who ate at the table with me died of cancer at the age of 32.

Another one of my mom’s friend who also fancy eating this type of meat for ‘nutritional value’ had since died from cancer- who she had failed to treat even though the cancer was detected early and she had a lot of money to treat it.

Our body is kept healthy through what we put in everyday. We need to practice eating a balanced and nutritious diet that is supplemented with lots of vegetables and fruits. Then exercise often to keep the body healthy and try to reduce stress in our lives. That is all- no sense of killing some endangered species just for health. In fact, we need not eat expensive stuff like ginseng and birds nest soup if we keep our bodies healthy through being active and having a balanced diet.

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