If I have one more day with you

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I find advertisement by Petronas that are either aired on the TV or published in the papers very meaningful during every festive season. The advertisement by Petronas always managed to send the message across, touching hearts and lives. This year, is no different.

Here is the advertisement posted by Petronas during this Chinese New Year. While most companies are busy with advertisement on prosperity and good luck themes, Petronas uses a different approach. It’s a good message since Mother’s Day is around the corner:

Petronas advertisement for CNY 2009Petronas Advertisement for CNY in 2009 where a son stand with his son


If I had one more day with you.

I will not hurry when you take a little

too long to eat, or walk a little too slow

I would want to take me on your motorbike,

so I can smell that familiar hair cream in the wind.

I would not raise my voice when you can’t

hear me on the other side of the phone.

I would patiently follow your directions,

even though we’re lost, driving in circles.

If I could have just one more day with you, Pa,

I would hug you so tight, and not let go.

I don’t know if that day will ever come,

but I know this:

Today is one more day to be with someone I love.

And I will not wait.

Here is the thumbnail of the entire advertisement:

Click to enlarge the Petronas advertisement

Click to enlarge the Petronas advertisement

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