How to Activate API key for Akismet


Previously, I did not know how to activate Akismet. Initially when I started this site, spam comments weren’t much of a problem. My site is not a popular site and I only started getting very little spam comments.

Then, I was away to Thailand for a month, and managed to prepare enough posts to be published on schedule. I was getting probably about 200 spam comments in a week the last I check once when I was in Thailand (normally I do not have easy internet access there).

But when I came back to Malaysia and open my mailbox, I got a shock- there were about 4000 comments per blog. And I have 2 blogs.  If a blog like mine get spammed like that, I can’t imagine those of a famous blogger.

I knew I had to figure out how Akismet work: initially I could not get it to work because I do not know what is the API key and as such, could not key in the key to activate Akismet. In desperation, I search the net again and find the answer through this reference:

How to activate Akismet:

Go to, create a free WordPress blog. Upon creation of the blog, you will receive a welcome email from WordPress. The email contains the API key. Key in the key to activate Akismet.

After that, I only have to identify the spam sites and mark them as spam. Akismet will then search comments which also came from those spam sites and automatically remove the comments.

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  • Mark Sep 6, 2009 Link Reply

    great post, wish i would have found this about 3 months ago when i was pulling my hair out to get this to work. Thanks agian.

  • Yin Teing Sep 7, 2009 Link Reply

    Thanks for dropping by. I know what you mean about pulling your hair out- glad you got Akismet installed. It is really very useful

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