Astrology vs the Temptations of the Modern World

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In the past, I have researched on Astrology and included some information in an old site. The information was well received. It’s strange- but from all the years that I’ve been blogging, I find that many people would rather search, read and believe in Astrology than in themselves.

My question is: Why believe in something mysterious rather than something within you?

I have received many emails from people all over the world, mostly with questions concerning love relationships. They wanted to know if they are compatible with someone.

Here are some of the concerns I have regarding those who trust Astrology too much:

  • using incompatibility as an excuse of giving up and not working on a relationship.
  • adopting superstition instead of common sense in handling relationship issues.
  • not leaving a clearly dysfunctional relationship because she is convinced that if she just understand about his star sign, things will get better. But in fact, it could be that he suffered mental trauma when young and therefore could not respond to a healthy relationship- he actually needs professional help. And if she sticks around long enough without understanding the truth, she may need help too in future
  • with all the lures and temptations of muscled bodies and sexy pictures, it would take more than understanding character traits to keep someone. It takes something called ‘moral ethics’ and ‘being contented with what you have’

Those who have a certain fairy tale fixed idea on romance would feel bored and search outside for ‘diversions’.  They’ve ‘fallen out of love’ and there is no point wasting time on a loveless marriage.  Then after a while, again, the next person start to bore them. If there is some kammic retribution in play, we find that an older man who left his wife for a girl young enough to be his grand daughter soon realise that she had effectively cleaned up his finances.

I seldom observe the phenomenon of infidelity when I stay in remote areas- in fact, I see mostly old couples with their daily affectionate squabbles but they still stay together. Therefore, it is just the lure of the modern world, of the entertainment industry and glossy magazines- that slowly feeds the message of discontent and uncontrolled lust into the minds of many.

Fortunately, many of my friends do not believe in Astrology. They believe in compromise, in working on the relationship, in tolerance, mutual love and understanding. The romance and sparks usually goes off after the arrival of the first born- that is when the real relationship actually begins.  Work on it, instead of looking outside- for the answer is not something you can find in the curves of another beautiful body.

The answer lies within you.

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  • Evelyn Reed May 26, 2010 Link Reply

    Astrology sometimes do work and it can also predict the personality of a person..`.

  • Amery Sep 11, 2011 Link Reply

    This is exactly the knowledge Needed. Many thanks for writing this write-up.

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