Using a Thai mobile phone charger in Malaysia


If you have been visiting Thailand, you would notice that the electricity socket in Thailand is different from those in Malaysia. Whenever you plan to visit Thailand or any country, always bring a travel version of the mobile phone charger that uses 2-way pin instead of the usual 3-way pin.

You can always ask for the travel version whenever you purchase a new mobile phone- that comes with automatically with a phone charger. If your entire family uses Nokia phone, for instance, and you are buying your 3rd Nokia phone, ask for the travel version of the phone charger. A few of my friends often bought their usual mobile phone charger that uses a 3-way pin that is totally not usable in Thailand.

I use a Sony mobile phone and I have a travel phone charger with me. The thing I don’t understand is why Sony choose to build their phone chargers differently than other brands- their phone charger consists of 2 very thin filaments that you connect to your mobile phone. Last year when I was travelling in Thailand from one town to the other, the filament of the charger- probably because it was just stuffed along with other stuff in my backpack. So I bought an inexpensive Sony mobile phone charger from a market in Chiang Mai and have been using it since.

When I came back to Malaysia, I found that the Thai version of the Sony mobile phone charger cannot be plugged into the power source in Malaysia because the 2-way pin is too narrow. Instead of buying a new charger, all you need to do is to buy an inexpensive adaptor from any shop selling electrical items:

Take note to buy the adaptor that has a 2 way pin socket on the top and the bottom like the white adaptor you see on the picture above. On the right, is the Thai version of the Sony mobile phone charger.  Don’t buy the adaptor with the 3-way pin because it is troublesome and may not be usable. Always take your charger with you when you are buying an adaptor.

Adaptor for Thai mobile phone charger

With this inexpensive adaptor, your friends from Thailand will be able to charge their mobile phone using their own phone adaptors.

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