The Darker Side of Halloween

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During Halloween celebration, many people start to dress in scary customs- and various food, candies, cakes and even the entire office/home are filled with decorations of ghouls, witches, black cats, pumpkins with faces, etc. By doing that, our mind may tend to associate with these things- especially if we engage in time consuming preparation.


Personally, I feel the more we associate with these things, the more negative vibration we get. And also it increases our fears of the unknown. Outwardly it seems fun but the association with these dark forces may not be good for us.

Spiritual Research Foundation (SSRF) (based  in India) have written some good articles on this topic:

Through my travels and staying in nature, one thing I’ve learned is not to scare myself too much when it comes nightfall (sometimes I am alone with the night sounds of the forests). I acknowledged the fact that there could be ‘unseen guardians’ taking care of certain territories but that’s about it- I do my best not to dwell and let my imagination run wild. When I asked others who have travel and stayed all over the place, sometimes in seemingly spooky places, I was given similar advice- just don’t think about it.

The human fear of the unknown is great. With stories of vengeful and terrifying looking ghosts who are out to seek revenge, society have gotten a pretty scary picture about these type of unseen beings.

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Whatever we fear, we would give it power. So if we do not know about them, it is better not to know or hear about local tales or gossip about the place. Just last weekend, I was speaking to a lady who had retired- she used to work in an old building that is well reputed to be haunted.

It seems that the sightings and frightening experiences were so bad that no one would dare to be around the place after the sun sets.

So I asked her if she had any experiences to share- and she told me that she’d not experienced anything because she refused to scare herself thinking about ghosts and dead spirits.

Also, she firmly believed that if a person is kind hearted and do not do harm towards others, there is nothing to fear. She felt that these beings do not go round harming or scaring others unless the person go round looking for trouble in the first place. Sometimes, she felt the fear is also partly being magnified.

I personally know a spiritual teacher who could sense the presence of spirits. She told me, what is shown the movies are largely exaggerated and distorted. In actual fact, these beings lived in a very pitiful state and hope to gain merits from their living relatives.

She said that living relatives can help the departed by doing good deeds/charities in their name as well as using their hearts sincere thoughts to dedicate the merits to them. The person also must also practice good moral values and do not do harm on ownself or on others. By doing all that, the person would be protected and be safe from harm and danger wherever he/she goes.

And this is something that we all hope to get, isn’t it?

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