Lost his job and now is full time into building websites


Years ago, during the economic downturn, Timothy Tye found himself out of job- as the company had let go him and his entire department. This is very much felt now especially in the current economic downturn- one day you can be having a five or six figure pay and the next day, you’re told to pack your stuff and leave (of course, most company will offer some kind of compensation to tie you in).


Timothy rebounded quickly and started building quality websites. If you visit his websites, you will find that they provide a lot of comprehensive information. For example,


Happyjoblessguy.com offers long and detailed articles on topics of how you can make money out of the internet, what drives traffic to your site, etc.

Penang-travel-tips.com offers tips on those who intends to travel to Penang- where to eat, to find certain location, travel attractions, etc.


The complete list of his websites can be obtained from timothytye.com.


Timothy took a lot of time to built his website and feed in quality content- so that visitors will come back again and again. In the long run, when you are into the internet business, you have to be able to provide quality content. A lot of people are into internet on a fly-by-night basis- ie they just build websites or blogs to collect advertisement money. But if they do that, they will have to built lots and lots of it- because any visitors that somehow got tricked into coming to the site will never come back again if the content does not provide value to the visitor.


I also consider Timothy to be a kind person as he has personally replied my emails and offered me honest advice and tips when I initially considered buying my own domain name last year.  

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