Article Series on Holiday/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers

This series consisting of 4 articles that provide tips, experience and choices a student or teenager who is looking for a school/semester holiday job can consider.


Part 1:  Tips for Holidays/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers
The pro and cons of choosing easy to find jobs such as at fast food chains, hypermarkets, etc are discussed.

Part 2: Tips for Holidays/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers
The article focuses on the benefits of choosing to work in an office environment.

Part 3: Why holiday/summer jobs can give you a clear insight of what you want to be.
In this article, I shared my personal experience on how by working and observing those around you, you can be more clear of my ambition.

Part 4: How to Build Up a Passive Income Stream from Young

With foresight, you can start something that can bring you passive income for a long time. Furthermore, this ‘side line’ also becomes something you can fall back on in case of sudden redundancy, dissatisfaction with day job, etc.

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    Anyway, I’m commenting here prior to your comments in my blog. Thanks for the good luck wish, appreciate it a lot! About my mum, definitely my mum wouldn’t have forgotten you. Hehe. By the way, my mum just couldn’t stop praising your writing skills, your effort in posting all these great articles, etc. No to mention I am very much amazed and impressed regarding your blogs too. =)

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