How Stay at Home Moms can Make Money Too


Stay at home moms can also make some side income through various income streams from home. Between managing the household, taking care of the kids and putting everything in order, moms are generally left with limited time for anything else.

Still, if there is a will, there is a way. To find time to better manage time, outsource menial tasks or to do it before/after the kids’ & husband’s bedtime. And TV drama series and time spent on frivolous online/phone chats would have to go. When you spend your time in something that you truly believe in and it eventually becomes a hobby that pays, the sense of accomplishment is great. Nothing beats that.

Here’s 3 sites that I want to share with you- truly motivating:

 1. Roni’s Weight Watchen (

Roni started a blog about her weight loss journey. She drastically put on lots of weight after giving birth and later lost it through Weight Watchers. She also shared many recipe, tips and also her experience on her tummy tuck (with pictures).

I first found out about her site years ago through Weight Watcher’s success story page. I would always remember the banner she had used on her original site- consisting of a series of progress pictures from overweight till skinny.

Today, blogging provides her half of her income- she also has a few other sites like a recipe site. The rest is earned through SkinnyMinnyMedia.

2. Rasa Malaysia (url:

The author of this site is Bee Yinn Low who is based in California. She authors Rasa Malaysia, one of the most mouthwatering sites I’ve known. When you go in, you will be greeted by a series of high resolution, mouthwatering dishes that she had cooked. Despite the pictures, the site loads fairly quickly.

Her site promotes Malaysian dishes as well as other dishes/recipes- Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc. Her site has won awards and has been featured on a number of popular sites/publications. Aside from posting on the site, she also does other writing assignments.

 3. Little Kittle (url:

Started by Hafiza Abd Rahman, or better known as MamaFiza- it is a home schooling site. Basically, she homeschools her children and believes that homeschooling provides a great learning environment for her children. MamaFiza is popular because she focused on a very unique niche- many parents want to home school their children but don’t really know now. Through her site, she offers tips and also a place where parents could learn more about homeschooling.

From her website, she has placed relevant advertisements from sponsors. Mamafiza has been featured in local TV channels, newspapers and internet. She is a homeschooler consultant and offer workshops, sell a book, banners and webhosting from her eStore.

4. Paints children’s art and organize solo art exhibition (url:

Numpueng is a Thai who is married to a Malaysian artist. Having lots of paints and material around the house, the homemaker started to paint to decorate the wall of her son’s room. When friends saw the beautiful artwork, they started to request for her paintings. This lead her to painting children’s artworks- and mostly her buyers use them to decorate nurseries and kindergartens.

I found out about her site and work through an article ran by The Star paper on 16 Nov 09. From her website, you can also see her paintings. She would be holding her 3rd solo exhibition till Dec 6 (0am to 6.30pm daily) at Kuala Lumpur Performance Arts Center (KLPac) located in Jalan Strachan, Sentul West, Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Rasa Malaysia Nov 23, 2009 Link Reply

    Thanks for featuring my site as an example. Yes, food blogging is awesome and I am doing it full time now. I get “famous” because of my blog, it’s amazing. It also pays my bills. 🙂

    • Yin Teing Nov 23, 2009 Link Reply

      I found your site Rasa Malaysia while finding out some information about some dishes- and I’ve always gone back to your site because it has been such an inspiration 🙂

  • mamafiza Nov 28, 2009 Link Reply

    Dearest Yin Teing,

    OMG, you’re so kind to me >0<

    Gazillion thanks for stopping by on my family blog, I truly adore your writing style.

    I love how beautifully you explain everything accompanied by the perfect description. You are too briliant. Thank you for posting this article.

    Thanks A LOT, MERCI BEA-COUPE for the lovely friendship! May God bless your day~

    • Yin Teing Nov 29, 2009 Link Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to drop some kind words here. I really love your site. Many parents, unfortunately to earn enough for a comfortable retirement have neglected to invest in the one most important resource- their children’s future. To ensure their children are being cared and nurtured well so that they grow up to be confident and capable adults. What you are doing takes a lot of commitment and the fact that you’ll probably succeed well in the corporate world but chose to invest instead on your kids and to teach others about it. Truly remarkable.

  • Jack Cyrus Feb 17, 2010 Link Reply

    Hi, i must say fantastic blog you have, i stumbled across it in Bing. Does you get much traffic?

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