Advice to those to be retrenched by Idrus Ismail

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I found this article on the October 2009 copy of the Malaysian Business magazine (quite a good read as some writers discuss controversial topics). The tips is offered by Idrus Ismail:

1. Be debt free as far as possible and have 6 months of pay in fixed deposits, just in case.

2. Place resume in every popssible job agency, including online.

3. Don’t own a car if you can use public transportation or keep it for weekend driving only.

4. Be ready for the worst, and be prepared to take lowly jobs just to pay the bills.

5. Pursue a course or study that is industry relevant.

6. Compile a list of people for whom you once did a favour, for possible assistance.

7. Never borrow from money lenders, never use a credit card if you can pay cash.

8. Defer purchase of non essential goods, give up leisure activities like clubbing, golf, even smoking. Look for simple pleasures like family walks, picnics in the park and borrowing books from public libraries instead of buying them.

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