Use creative notebooks to overcome blogger/writer’s block


I find that carrying a notebook (not a laptop but the physical books) comes very handy especially if I am outside doing research or if an idea hits me out of the blue. Whatever that is not written down quickly gets forgotten.

And instead of having it all in your head and burdening your poor brain, just jot your ideas down on a book and then forget about them till you have time to deal with the ideas.


Cover of my most recent idea book

Everything is a matter of habit, even for the disorganised and undisciplined. I may be, well, a bit disorganised when it comes to filling my bills after I’ve paid them but when it comes to writing, I am quite disciplined in getting my ideas all at one place.

Initially it did not start that way- at first I wrote my ideas on bits and pieces of paper in my scribbled handwriting. And these ideas does not find themselves being converted into inspired writing. So the pieces of paper turned to clutter. Finally, I make the determination to get my ideas down on a hard covered notebook- I had bought it at a very low price from a store clearance sale but the notebook has cute designs on every page.

I carry a notebook with me wherever I go- a lot of my ideas became published blog posts because of this simple inexpensive, portable little investment. That was one of the reasons why I could come up with continous blog posts consistently.

There is no need of carrying a laptop with you wherever you go- because you have to worry about keeping the laptop safe if you are in the gym or going for shopping. So, carrying a physical notebook just to jot down ideas outline are just as good.


Recently, I have finished writing on my little notebook- and it was time to get a new one. I tried to jot down my ideas on an inexpensive boring school exercise book and it does not seems to inspire much writing. The notebooks sold on normal stationery stores and hypermarkets seemed quite ridiculously priced. In the end, I bought one for RM5 (less than USD2) from Hinode store selling most items for RM5.

Every page of the notebook has, well, teddy bear pictures and the pages come with different colour tones. And somehow, it has triggered more post ideas and enable me to write down useful tips which I gathered from magazines, newspapers and books.


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