Rising Up from the Depths of Despair

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Know that the more that you are capable of the deepest low, the more you can rise up and can turn a direct opposite. Most of the time people who became successful motivation speakers had suffered from the depths of despair and experienced failures.

They found ways to bounce back and rose to become the great person that you know today- for example Oprah Winfrey and Louise Hay had been abused as a child. Their experience gave them compassion, understanding and empathy to be in the position to help others in similar predicament.

You may be at the lowest point in your life and felt that you possibly cannot sink any lower that this. You may also felt that there’s no point of living.

Hang on there, dear pal…..

Don’t give up so easily. You have already gotten this far- it will be okay, come what may- you will get through it.

Join groups or communities that shared the same faith and interest with you. If you are a Christian, visit the church that you have not gone for years and ask the pastor for guidance. He would be able to refer you to the appropriate groups of people who would be able to help and support you. Likewise if you are a Buddhist, you can reach out to others and do volunteering with whatever skills you have. It always feel good to just reach out and touch the hearts of others.

I remember months ago I attended a Hospice training- to guide people on how to help terminally ill cancer patients, doing hospital and home visits. During the initial ice breaking session, the facilitator asked some people why they want to be a hospice volunteer. And most of them did it because either:

  • they are a cancer survivor themselves and now want to help others, or
  • they have lost a dear one to cancer and at that point of time did not know how to take care of that person during the person’s dying days.

During that training, some who came alone and are still trying to come in terms of grief found relief through knowing others who are in the same boat and really understand them. They were exchanging phone numbers and offering support to one another. In the end, they went back a little stronger than when they had first came.

Often healing begins when we reach out to others. Sometimes, we may find that friends and relatives may not be the best people because they have their own issues and fears about immortality and therefore may not extend the support that you need. It’s not that they are bad or uncaring. They just do not know how to react or what to say. So they may just shy away from you- don’t blame them or hold grudges.

Instead, reach out to others who have gone through what you did. You can find in a lot of people who are attending community courses organized by religious groups or NGOs. Most important, please do not suffer in silence and think that no one will understand.

Someone will- you just need to have a little faith. One day, you will rise up from the ashes and use what you have learned to benefit and help others.

Life will then be worth living because you would know and understand the essence of compassion, gratitude, letting go and forgiveness- and possessing these qualities will make you a complete living human being instead of who you may before…..a person going through the motions and living life reactively.

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