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Nowadays, stories of old ladies who were cheated out of their life savings appeared in the local newspapers quite often. Two Sundays ago, The Star ran a detailed article on stories of these people who got cheated which is a good read- The Bomoh Strikes Again and again, and again.

There are many things we can do to improve the life vitality energy within us to avoid falling into victim of shaman scams- from character change, outlook in life, exercise and nutrition. In my Health Blog, I’ve written a number of articles on eating and exercising to increase our energy levels. Here, I will mention points from the character strength, emotional and spiritual point of view:

 1. Dealing with fear systematically

Learn to systematically deal with the fear- there are books, seminars and mentors who can teach you how to deal with fear. You can also look up in the internet on real life stories of how others had overcome their fears. Life and its uncertainties causes a lot of fear to us- making us vulnerable to fall victims to all types of syndicates and con artists.

When a person had a life threatening illness, he/she becomes so afraid- that’s why every year so much of money is spent on healthcare alone and buying all types of direct selling products.

2. Have a clear conscience

Practice the principal- do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you. Let that principle be one of the compass leading you in life and your conscience will be clear. A clear conscience eliminates a lot of fears and puts your emotions at ease.

There is an old Chinese saying, ‘led your life with a clear conscience, you have no cause to be afraid even when a ghost knocks on your door at night.’

Con artists finds it hard to sleep at night. In the olden days, some ladies even reared little ghosts to help them steal some money- when these ladies are old and dying, they lie on their beds suffering because they’re unable to die- because the ‘spirit’ refuses to release them.

Sometimes, even though they eventually dies, the spirit turns to the weakest in the family as the next victim- giving the person all types of illness- that conventional medicine can’t seems to cure. I’ve heard a number of these stories being relay to me.

My question is, what’s the worth to have ‘something’ work for you for that little easy money when you have to look behind your back each time. Might as well just get an education, get a good job and earn  an honest living- something you can be proud off.

Also, there’s no free lunch in this world. Everyone or ‘anything’ that helps us will expect something in return.

3. Pray and meditate.


In the past, prayers and medication have been associated with religious practices. Now, the new age teachings are advocating the power of prayers and meditation. Prayers are like affirmations- if you repeat it consciously and sincerely, it will give you strength and protects you.

I am sure you have come across holy men and women- and the vibes that they give are very different. By simply being around them, you will feel more peaceful and relaxed. It is a strength that you can develop and call your own.

Meditation- where you learn to focus and direct your energy to inside you will help you to built awareness and develop strength and mindfulness. Don’t underestimate the power of mindfulness- a person who is constantly mindful has clear and calm energy focused inward. It gives that person a strong and high vibration that con artists like these could not influence and are afraid of.

Anyway, people who learned these black arts to cheat people out of their life savings would have to face the consequences sometime later….or in the afterlife. Money acquired through unrighteous means would soon be lost- these have been mentioned by best selling authors as well as spiritual teachers. And these people could not go near people who are virtuous and spiritual- they are instinctively afraid, like the dark being afraid of the light.

So, they can only strive among those with negative energies. And these forces will create a lot of tension and disharmony in their homes- family members will fight over trivial matters and over money. In the end, what’s the point.

If a person has true inner wealth, he will have within him the power to harness and keep outer wealth. Even though his outer wealth may be taken away from him, he will rise up and make the money back in no time. It’s a harder route to built yourself and your character strength for it to match that level- but in the end, you will be sitting on a firmer foundation.

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