Have a heart for wildlife- when the demand stops, so would the killings

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It is very sad that a recently, a published report of how a tiger was cruelly killed in the forest reserve in Malaysia. A snare was laid out in the forest on 25 January. On 2 Feb, a tiger’s left forelimb was caught in the snare.


Cruel death- The tiger lying death with gunshot and blow pipe wounds. Its detached left forelimb was still caught in the snare.

Then on 3rd February, the group of orang asli (forest natives) went into the forest to kill the tiger. The person who set up the trap with another 4 persons went into the jungle and shot the tiger on its eye, leg and body, and then left it to die.

On the next day, 4 Feb 10, the few orang asli went back in to retrieve the carcass- probably to have it sold to middemen. They thought the tiger had died because of the shots- it should have bled to death. But the tiger was not dead and it attacked one of the orang asli. In its attempt to break free from the snare, the tiger had freed itself from the snare by detaching its own left limb from its body.

One of the orang asli was attacked in the process by the injured tiger. Eventually the tiger was killed. When the orang asli went to hospital to seek treatment, he told authorities that he was attacked by a tiger while collecting petai. The forest reserve authorities countered back that there is no petai tree in that area and they knew that the orang asli were commissioned by middlemen to trap and kill these tigers.

Reading real news like this is indeed very sad. The poor animal must have a very strong will to live for it did not die even though its limb was caught in a snare (very very painful because the snare were made of jaws of steel) and it still survived despite being shot at a few places. It is heartbreaking to see the photo above because you can only imagine the degree of suffering the tiger must have gone through leading on to its cruel, slow and painful death.

Tiger and other wildlife are profitable commodities- everything from their skins, head and body parts are being traded illegally. Their body parts are said to contained good medicinal values like improving vitality and sex drive.

Here is the article in yesterday’s paper, “Slow, painful death for tiger with bullet and spear wounds” written by Chan Li Leen. It’s heartbreaking to read how the tiger died:

The tiger trapped by a group of orang asli in Sungkai last week died an excruciatingly slow and painful death — so painful that Perak Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) director Shabrina Shariff wept when she saw the body.

The tiger was bloodied — it had taken five bullets, two of them in its eyes. It had spear wounds all over, with the poison from the spears slowly killing it. Its flesh was torn by the wire snare and its left forelimb had been torn off.

Shabrina said she could not imagine the pain the four-year-old male tiger would have gone through since last Tuesday, the first day its limb was caught in a snare.

The carcass was found by Perhilitan officers five days later on Sunday with its left forelimb detached and the bloodied body riddled with gunshot wounds.

“But I am very sure that the pain and trauma it suffered before it died would have been excruciating,” said Shabrina.

“We extracted five bullets from its body, limb and both eyes. Its flesh was badly torn by the wire snare and spears the poachers had jabbed it with,” she said.

Shabrina said it had also been poisoned as the spears used by the orang asli were laced with sap from the Ipoh Tree.

Shabrina said that it was impossible for the tiger, which had been injured so severely, to survive.

“It is one of the worst poaching cases I have seen.

“It was a really handsome and big cat, weighing some 120kg and measuring 1.5m to 1.8m long.

“It had very beautiful fur but sadly, we were unable to restore and preserve its skin due to the extent of the injuries.

“All that we could salvage was its bones, which we will assemble later for display,” she said, adding that for the time being, the tiger was buried at the Wildlife Conservation Centre in Sungkai.

Years ago, I was told by a healer with strong psychic abilities that eating wildlife produces a type of poison in the body that will eventually lead to a huge illnesses later on.

Kammically, if an animal dies in torture and slow pain, the hatred and negative energy produces future bad consequences to those involved in the killing. The more intelligent and evolved the animal is, the higher the degree of negative action that will bear fruits into bad consequences in future in the form of short life, illness either directly to the person or the family.

It is not worth, no matter how much money that one is being paid, to subject oneself to such unfavourable future circumstances.

On a happier front, conservation projects for tigers and other wildlife are underway. Famous iconic stars have came forward to urge people to conserve wildlife. When the demand stops, so would the killing.


I’m free! A tiger being released into the river

On the same day, it was also reported that a massive conservation project was underway in India. The picture above, you can see a captured tiger being released back into the wilds. This effort was initiated by the WWF-India.

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