What people usually search for using search engines


Search engines now have “Search Assist” (Yahoo) and Autosuggest (MSN Bing) that comes up with suggestions for the key word that is being keyed in.

You will be amazed that the kind of information that folks are searching for using the search engines.  As a blogger and writer, this gives us quite a number of bright ideas as to what to write:

(Note: The results are from Google Malaysia because it defaults to Malaysia since I’m accessing from Malaysia)

For example:

If you start by typing “is“, some interesting phrases appears:


  • is lady gaga a man
  • is megan fox a man
  • is the world going to end in 2012
  • is megan fox really a man
  • is paranormal activity real
  • is quality free
  • is 2012 real
  • is lady gaga a hermaphrodite

Some thots on this: Many people are crazy about Lady Gaga and concerned about the end of the world.

If you start by typing “why am”, you will find that a lot of people search for stuff such as:


  • why am i still single
  • why am i always hungry
  • why am i always tired
  • why am i always sleepy
  • why am i here
  • why am i always thirsty
  • why am i so lazy
  • why america attacked iraq
  • why american famous with apple tie
  • why am i not happy

Some thots on this: most people face common issues such as wanting to be loved, to feel more healthy, energetic.

Or if you put in a single word  “why“, here are the results:


  • why should we hire you
  • why is the sky  blue
  • why are men attracted to breasts
  • why why love
  • why english is important
  • why do people smoke
  • why i like it longer

As a blogger or writer, knowing that these are popular searches that people want answers, support or more information on, you can start a blog that revolves around those subjects that you feel is comfortable with you. Then you may consider creating a niche blog with different posts centered around the theme. As you increase the quantity of your posts or type very long and detailed articles that the visitors find it beneficial, the search engines will be in touch and send searches your way.

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