Dress in a style that you are comfortable with…and not only follow fashion

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If you dress in a style that you are comfortable with, you will not be so self conscious- and therefore gives out an aura of self confidence and self assurance. But if you choose to dress according to what fashion is dictating,

First, you will probably be pinned with heavy credit card debt and broke before the middle of the month.

Second,  people can see through your self consciousness- constantly fidgetting at the blouse, adjusting this and that…

You need not dress in expensive clothes to look good. But it should be a style that you are comfortable with. For instance, a retiree I know always enjoy picking up good bargains in sales.  Because of her small size, she could buy lots of nice clothes that is usually available in size S or smaller at about 70% or more on discount.

Her clothes are dirt cheap but bought from reputable department stores- they looked middle class.

Once, I remembered she bought a brown colour pants that at first glance, looked hideous to her. But when I saw her wearing the pants at the function, it actually looked okay- because:

1, she loved the pants and style

2. she did not give a hoot what others thought about it

There are probably a lot of events that happened in our lives that may rob us of our self confidence- so we should not be subjecting ourselves to more things that is killing our confidence level. So, develop your own style of dressing and accessories- buy style that suits you:

1. Once I knew a guy who came from a very poor family- he was the eldest of 8 siblings and had to be working from young.  He could not afford any vehicle like car, bike or even a bicycle, so he had to either walk a lot or take public transportation. No one knew of his status because he always dressed very well- he only have about 5 Tshirts of good quality that he wore each day. These were well ironed and well maintained because he could not afford to spoilt any one of them.

2. Girls can mix and match clothings and throw in some accessories like bangles and ear-rings with matching colours.

Find a style you are comfortable with


Love this advert that Alicia Key was doing for Sommerset

A friend of mine who is a wardrobe expert told me that you will never know until you try on clothes to know that it actually looks good on you or otherwise. It may look swell at the display or at the plastic mannequins but when you wear it, you can look as if you are drained of blood or it may emphasized your butt which is on the large side.  So, the best thing you can do is to try it on to see how it feels and then decide if you want to buy it.

Also observe what others around you who have similar body shape as you are wearing. Do you see that the clothes compliment them or not? Do you like the style? But then, you must also try for yourself. Don’t buy just because your friend says that it looks nice on you but it’s not your style.

Years ago, when I was very much overweight, I went out shopping with a girl who was also on the heavy side. She told me that if we are fat, we should get tight light colour blouses- you know, those that are made of light wool and emphasized every contour of your body. She said that her boyfriend who was a so-called dressing expert told her that dark clothings and those flare clothes should not be worn because it only makes an overweight person look even heavier.

I don’t why know I went against my own judgement and listened to her- and bought a few light coloured blouses that I’ve never worn because I simply look so awful in them and eventually had to be given away. I just don’t feel comfortable in the style- and to me, light coloured just seemed to emphasized the huge tummy.

That was years ago- today, there are a lot of well designed blouses especially made for plus sized women that looks fabulous.

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