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Book Review, Finance or Money, Tis Thing Called Life

In his book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff About Money, here’s a meaningful passage that he had written about mood and money:

Moods are one of those unavoidable, mysterious parts of life that must be dealt with by everyone. Our understanding of moods greatly affects not only our wisdom and perspective but our overall level of satisfaction as well. Generally speaking, when our mood is high, our spirits are up. When our mood is low, our spirits are down. Moods are like the weather, constantly changing.

The implications of moods as they related to money are significant. When we are low, we thin of our dissatisfactions more than when we feel good. We worry! We compare ourselves to others and convince ourselves that others are doing better than we are. We focus on our belief that making money is hard work. Perhaps we believe that there isn’t enough money or opportunity to go around, or that people are selfish and out for themselves.

The fascinating thing about moods is that, to a large degree, we only believe these negative, fearful, and self-defeating thoughts when our mood is low. When our mood is high, we think very differently. We don’t worry as much. Rather than believing that others are doing better than we are, or even spending energy comparing ourselves to them, we realize that we are all on different paths, doing the best we can. Instead of complaining that making money is hard work, we get a kick out of the entire process and see new ways to create abundance for ourselves and others. Rather than seeing limitations in the supply of money, we know that there is plenty to go around. Finally, instead of seeing people as selfish and out for themselves, we realize that most people are very generous and giving. And those who aren’t have simply lose touch with their heart.


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So what do you do? The trick is to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it is low. Try to keep in mind the effect your mood is having on the way you are thinking and feeling. Your understanding of moods allows you to keep your perspective and not take so seriously the thoughts you are having when you are low. Rather than believing in your negative and fearful perceptions, you can dismiss them as being mood-related.

The same dynamic applies to your creativity and your ability to create abundance. When you are in a low mood, don’t make important business (or life) decisions. Don’t force it. Your thinking and wisdom are not as sound as they will be in a higher state of mind.

Resist the temptation to worry about your moods. Moods are always changing, and yours could change any moment. Simply realizing that you are stuck in a mood usually raises your spirits. Again, don’t worry! As your mood rises, your capacity to create will unfold.

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  • seanlam Oct 27, 2010 Link Reply


    am reading his book now, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

    so far so good… enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Yin Oct 28, 2010 Link Reply

      Sean, yes, really like the book- even I have the one is the one about money. Keep it next to my laptop

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