The Final Destination?

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My little contribution for Hallowen- is there any similarities between The Final Destination and freak   accidents?

Let’s imagine this situation …

Supposedly someone had done something very bad to you, like took the life that you value. Everyday, the hatred just burns in you as you watch that person enjoying his life.

He shouldn’t. He does not deserve it- it’s not fair. He had what should rightfully be yours. It increases your anger even more.

So you regain your strength and plot your revenge. Day and night, your hatred increases, your energy increases.  It’s the law- your chance to do it will happen on a certain time at a certain date. Now, your entire existence, your only aim is to live right till that moment to get your chance… to take your revenge.

Another life begins…

The chap that you hated so much also eventually pass away of old age. He took on a new existance, in a different family with a different name. He had forgotten that previous life … and the debt that he owe you.

But you have not, you will never ever ever forget. You will never forgive- of that you’re sure. Day and night, you tail that person waiting for the time… you know the time, you know the place.


But a strange thing happened. This person, for some strange reason,grew up become a good man. He helps people, he is kind to others. He helps the less fortunate.

He prays every night as he’s a man of deep faith. In his prayers, you heard him…after all, you live in the shadows. He prays for his family’s wellbeing and safety, he give his thanks for the blessings in his life. He dedicate the power of his deeds towards the wellbeing of everyone- his family, friends…and debtors (that’s you).

And…he also asked for forgiveness.

He sincerely asked for forgiveness from those who he had wronged, either knowingly or unknowingly. Those whom he had hurt or harmed. How he knew? Why he felt he could have done anything wrong?

At first, it did not make any difference to you…. you live for the moment where you can give an eye for an eye. All you want is revenge- you know you would need to suffer after that. But you did not follow this person for 100 years for nothing. If you’ll have to burn in hell after your revenge, so be it, but it would be worth it coz you would have gotten evened the score.

Again, you heard his prayers. Night after night….he asked for forgiveness.

Years gone by. A little by little, your heart gradually softens. Every day, just a little drop- eventually fills up a lake, so the little deeds of kindness and his prayers soothe the fiery rage inside you.

Perhaps he really had changed. Perhaps what he did to you then was unintentional- every one makes mistake. You can read every nuance, intention and thoughts that arose from his heart. They’re usually good things.  His angels came over from time to time and whisper to you- “do you really want to hurt this man? You were once a man too… you must have a heart. Everyone makes mistakes. He was not that same person then. So many people could benefit from his help. Please, could you forgive? ”

That was all they could do. They could not interfere with the law of the universe- the give-and-take account between the both of you.

You recall back that mean incident where he did to you- and suddenly, it seemed to have happened so long ago. The anger you felt is now a mere sizzle.

Perhaps, it’s time to move on, you told yourself. Suddenly you feel that the burning hatred that you’ve been carrying for the past 100 years is indeed a very heavy baggage. Was it worth it? You’re tired- it’s time to let that baggage go.

His kindness moved your heart. Finally you have decided to forgive him. And you have zerorise the give-and-take account.

At that fated time and date, you decided you will not have that revenge- even though technically you know you could- because that was his life’s danger moment.

On that night, he was driving back home as usual. A bus driver was driving a bus from the opposite lane, suddenly felt irritated by a slow moving lorry in front of him. The driver tried to overtake the lorry and as he was doing so, he suddenly felt the bus going out of control. He tried very hard to hit the breaks- at first it did not work.

The man saw the bus coming from the opposite direction- it was too late to react. A head-on collision would be coming. He thought of his wife and kids- whom he may never see again. Unspeakable sorrow filled his heart.

Suddenly, the bus swirled out of his way and went to the shoulder of the road and it stopped in time. No one was injured.

The man counted his blessings and thank God for being alive. If only he knew….

That power of his kindness, good deeds and dedication of these deeds throughout his life had saved his life.

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