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Decluttering- when you feel relunctant to throw away the memories


New things cannot come into our life when there is no space for them to come in. One way to move on to a new phrase of life is to learn to declutter our surroundings. Instead of shopping for storage boxes so that we can put things away from sight, we should aim to remove those things that belonged to another time and place and no longer become a part of our lives.

Everything around us has energy- if we surround ourselves with too many things that remind us of the past, how are we to move ahead?

But it does get difficult to just throw away the memories to the dustbin. So, why not try another way…send them over to recycle centers.

In Klang Valley, we have been quite fortunate because a number of recycling boxes can be seen all around to make it convenient for people to drop items that they do not want. We can give away old newspaper, books, magazines, clothes, dolls, decorative items, etc.


It’s time to let go and give away items to benefit others….for charity. So how bout it? The charity shops would usually process these items and sell it at a very low price so that the poor can afford them.

With the rising costs of living, many people are finding it hard to make ends meet. I have seen a number of people working in low paying jobs eating only a packet of nasi lemak or fried meehon for lunch with plain water. Perhaps when they walk into the recycle shop, they would be able to get a doll (that you have given away)- for their kids at home.

And…the bonus is that…. it is liberating to declutter. A dear friend had taught me that- and she had told me that it is not possible to throw away everything all at once. When I have time during weekends, I would pack away items and take them to the Recycling stop like what you see in the photo above. Each time I put these items into the box, there is a liberating feeling that comes from letting go.

Therefore, don’t hold on to items from the past….because they’ll keep you stuck. If you find it too difficult to throw them away, why not recycle them? If you honestly cannot part with everything, part with what you could.

Most of the time, you would not have noticed that the item is no longer there.

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