When your dreams just keep haunting you

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If you have dreams constantly haunting you to be realized, these dreams would probably never die till you do something about them.

And when you do something about them, there are two likely outcomes:

  1. You lived your life because you live your dreams
  2. You realized that realty is not really as what it seems, and you wake up

We all have dreams within us- aims, aspirations and accomplishments that we hope to achieve. Starting a gallery, building a successful business, quit the job and go travelling, become a yoga/ holistic teacher, etc. No matter how your logic attempts to stifle them, they arise in quiet moments when your heart wonders why your life felt incomplete.

After all, YouTube is full of videos of vloggers ‘living the dream’- earning passive income while they sleep, travel and being able to do jobs they love and in their own terms. It is possible, even though the percentage who succeed is actually very low. And you need to bear in mind that even though they can make 6 figure income, it is very volatile and competitive.

My suggestion is to try to find a way to pursue your dreams and interests. Circumstances, financial and family commitments may not enable you to just leave the security of your job to pursue them full time. But you need to start- or you plan so that you can financially go without a job for a while.

Then you pursue your dreams….or take up a job where you work with people who are having your dream job, for instance. Then observe them- and ask yourself is the reality as sweet as what you think they are?

Everything in life consists of the compromises that we make. Truly, we cannot have everything we want but we can choose what’s more important. And then we learn to live with the choices we make. We only open our eyes and see the truth for what it really is when we face our dreams. It’s the same about facing our fears as well.

In my life, I have been glad that I have followed my aspirations and made some unconventional choices- and these remain as choices that have such profound impact in me that I know if I had to leave this world, I would have no regrets.

On the other hand, I am also glad that left the corporate world, and I woke up to the fact that being an entrepreneur (my dreams since I was a little girl) comes with certain price that I was not willing to pay.

Now I made my choice and am no longer being haunted by the ‘what ifs’. I saw the reality of my dreams. I now understand why the stability of a paycheck works for some- it frees them to pursue some personal goals that matters more.

That’s why, I would suggest that you try to live your dreams- so that you have no regrets, and also to see if reality is really as sweet as you envisioned it to be.

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  • YuanHe Dec 4, 2010 Link Reply

    I got a dream where I falling down while stepping the stair….nowadays such dream didn’t occur much…

  • Yin Dec 10, 2010 Link Reply

    Glad to know that, YuanHe. Usually such dreams, or nightmares would give us a jolt when we get up

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