Putting ads at a place where people have no choice but to read them..


Usually, advertisers face the ultimate challenge of not getting their ads effectively read. If you want to advertise in a huge billboard – even just to make a wedding proposal,  it could easily set you back about RM40,000.

And with that, you cannot even say for sure if your ad has been effective in bringing the business that you need. Of course, in the case of the man who made the proposal, his girlfriend said yes.

So, what’s the method that’s cheap and effective you may wonder….

Introducing…. ta…ta…..you may have figured it out already or used one of them…

Restroom ads….


Of course, a lot of places already subtly use them- like if you visit Ikea, they ‘feature’ their products so that you can read and contemplate while you are doing your ‘business’ in their ‘stall’.

Well, hardly anyone would make it blantantly obvious like this ad in the Jaya Jusco restroom. The folks in Jusco must have subcontracted out their restroom doors to this particular advertiser.

True, the ads states that “Restroom Advertising is read for an average of 1 to 4 minutes”- a total dream for any advertiser.  Hey, it’s even more if you are there “on serious business” – sometimes it could take 20 minutes. And as you know, there’s nothing better to do if you are there than to stare at the door in front of you.  With that… the message that the advertiser is trying to bring in might just sink in….

But then, most Malaysians may still ‘pantang’ (ie have reservations) of having their products featured behind a door of a toilet stall.


This company had started with some ‘public announcement ads’ to fill up their space.

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