Page Rank Drop- Does it affect blog traffic and earnings?


Last year during second day Chinese New Year, I was shocked when the page rank of my Health Blog dropped to N/A.  Again, this year during the second day of CNY, I did a quick login and again noticed that the rank dropped to 1.

Last year, I was testing with Amazon affiliate program- in which I promptly took down from most of my blogs when I noticed the drop. About 2 months later by end of March, my page rank was reinstated.

Again it happened again this year. I am not sure when there is a page rank change as I have not been keeping tabs but when I check through the forums, I noticed that it had happened about a week or two ago.  But going through the traffic report from Analytics, there have not been a substantial change in traffic.trafficJan2011

On 25 Jan 2011, I’ve also added vertical advertisement banners on my navigation sidebars for some my blogs. And I do notice that with the banners, the clickthrough and earnings have gone up. Because there were no decline in organic traffic, the drop of page rank did not affect the earnings.

These are recent experimentations that I do when time permits. Otherwise the blogs generally runs by itself. In the end, I find that content is important for sustained long term traffic.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not see immediate results after you spend a lot of time and effort to churn out quality posts. Most often, if you do not advertise your site, you would only see a steady increase of traffic over time. It takes time.

From year 2008 to June 2010 when I had more energy after work to focus on my blogs (due to my day job is not that demanding), I’ve churned out lots of long articles on regular basis. During that time, there was no drastic increase in traffic and earnings. In fact, I only felt the increase within these few months- when ironically the posting frequency had reduced due to lack of time (busy with job as work late, and with decluttering my home and life as well as attending to my beloved visitors from overseas 🙂

Still, I love to write and share- it’s not about the money as my day job earns many times more. It is sometimes, through viewing the traffic trends and personal emails that I receive that some posts have touched and benefited my visitors. This means more to me than anything since I’ve been writing articles years before I monetize my blogs.

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