Street Photography- shooting candid images from everyday life


Pardon me for my outmost ignorance but I am really a noob when it concerns DSLR or iPhone. But for more than a year since starting my Visit Malaysia (various places to visit in Malaysia, from a perspective of a Malaysian) and Creatively Inspired (things around the world that inspired creativity within) blogs, I started shooting a lot of my own pictures.

I find inspiration in everywhere I go and go about shooting photographs, first with my Canon camera and then with the LG mobile phone that I’ve bought. Eventually I use mainly my LG phone to shoot my photo to appear less discreet while shooting in the street. When I look it up the net, I realised there’s a term used for it: Street Photography.

Then just yesterday, my talented schoolmates showed me the beautiful candid shots that they’ve taken with their iPhone using the LOMO setting- and it really got me amazed. With the effects of the iPhone, a photo tells a thousand words.  Furthermore when shooting, there is no visible click sound- so no one would know you are snapping photos. This suited me very well because  I am not shooting the pictures for purpose of selling them….just using them to tell a story.


The picture above is shot with my camera photo and as most photos for my blogs, I have the size reduced for quicker loading.  Perhaps I should just hold that thought for buying the iPhone first as I would need to buy a small notebook to replace the current laptop that I am using.

But the gathering yesterday had inspired me to go some searches via the internet and I’ve come across very inspiring information from articles written by photobloggers out there:

But for those who are into street or candid photography, I strongly urge you to start your own blogs to tell your story and share these photos- rather than hiding these beautiful pieces and only sharing with your Facebook friends (who may not know how to fully appreciate your works of art). It’s really wonderful to share your talents and you would attract like minded friends from all over the world who share your interest. Through photography, everyone speaks the same language 🙂

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