Baking part time to earn extra income


Many people have passion for cooking and baking. With interest and passion, you would catch up easily and able to modify on existing methods that you have learned to come out with something that is uniquely …you.

For instance, if we like a certain type of food very much and there is no one who could teach us, we could always learn from buying books, borrowing books from library and/or from baking classes.

There are reasonable cooking classes held if you know how to look around. If you are looking for baking classes, then go for classes that are organised by shops that sells baking supplies- because these classes would be much more reasonable compared to if you are going to a baking school.

Reason being is that because they want you to buy their supplies after you learned from them.

Note: You can now find excellent tutorials in YouTube on particularly any form of baking and cooking.


Baking Supply Shop would provide fresh banking materials

After  learning, you may try out on your own and start cooking/ baking a few batches for friends and relatives. Then after they have tasted your food and like it, you can make it known that you are selling them too.

A lady manager whom I used to work has genuine passion in baking cheese cakes. It started because the cheese cakes sold outside were expensive (because cheese itself is costly). And she loves cheese cakes. So at first, she started buying books and learning on her own on how to bake cheese cakes- various types of them. And she tried the recipes and learned to improvise through experience.

After a while, there were too many cheese cakes to go around- so she brought some to office to offer us to eat. Her cheese cakes started to become popular because she uses ingredients of good quality and then people started to order from her. We had even ordered her cakes for the department’s functions.

Often, it is not the money. As a manager, she earns much more than what her income from the sale of her cakes could give her. But it is more of a sense of accomplishment that comes out of it- that you are being paid for something that you enjoy doing (since most of us are not really crazy or passionate about our day jobs).

But for some, it would be a good way to earn side income as I have seen some people operating stalls in the night market during weekends to sell food like nyonya kuih or Koniyako jelly.

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