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Have you ever encountered times when your brain are brimming with ideas when you are out and about when your computer is not nearby. Then few hours later when you find the time to finally sit down and write, you start to suffer from the writer’s block.

At most, we may just have the habit of scribbing information on bits and pieces of paper- and then when the information is required later, we scrambled around to look for it- high and low.

Why not just spend a few bucks to buy yourself a small notebook, it can be even in a design that inspire you. It’s really a simple way to stay organise and to keep your information in one place. Wherever you go when you see something that you need to jot down- write it down in your notebook.

There are times when our minds feel inspired and story or article ideas literally narrate themselves off our heads. If we fail to jot the ideas or storyline down, the idea would be lost.

Furthermore, when you write down things, it frees your brain from cluttered and the burden of having to remember to many things.  And you would be surprised that you will feel less stressed and less scattered. You can then use your energy for more important things at hand until you have time to sit down and write about it later.

As I am just a non high tech and on a budget part-time blogger with lots of time constraints. I carry my small notebook (smaller than B5 size) and a pen in my bag wherever I go. Whenever I need to write down things- like jot down ideas, or address, phone number or any details, I write it down in my small notebook.

Once, I was in a shopping mall and a sudden flood of inspiration hit me- so I looked for a bench in a quiet corner of the place, sat down and wrote for like 20 minutes in my notebook. And later after the article was typed in my blog, I use my pen to strike out the page, indicating that I’ve written the post.

My notebook also contained information like breathing exercises guides that I cannot yet remember and would like to refer to.

When I finish a notebook and replace with a new one, I would check what are the relevant info that I still need from the old book and transfer it to the new one- usually I get them from Hinode.

As for photos, I just use my camera phone to snap various pictures- and then transfer the pictures into laptop and classify into categorized folders for easy search later.

These are simple and inexpensive ways to store bytes of creative inspiration as they come.

At work, you can also practice the same- but use at least a diary with current dates. If your job requires you to work on various improvement on lots of different topics, jot them down as these ideas come or when you have an avalanche of ‘to-do’ items assigned by different people that you know you cannot do all at once.

No need to panic- just priortize and buy time for non urgent cases. For those that you know you cannot work on immediately, write them down on the date that you plan to accomplish the task.

So at work, be it that you are attending a briefing or meeting or doing work when people call you to ask you to do something, write everything down in the book if you cannot attend to it immediately.

Once you write down, your brain can heave a sigh of relief because it need not stress itself to remember everything. Then you focus on the most important task you have to do. After finishing the task and you wondered what else, refer to your diary or notebook. For me, I find that having everything in one place is very useful and I can find things much faster because I know everything is probably in the book.

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  • Allen Ng Dec 19, 2011 Link Reply

    I always carry a 5cm x 7.5cm notebook and a ball pen in my shirt pocket for jotting down instant notes for learning and recalling Mandarin Chinese characters.and other interesting thoughts and ideas that may come my way. However my notebook is not the regular bound notebook that you buy from a store. My notebook is actually an origami notebook that I make by by cutting and folding an A4 size paper into 16 pages.

    • Yin Dec 25, 2011 Link Reply

      That’s really creative, Allen. Do you have a photo of it to share?

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