Feed a hungry stray today II

Tis Thing Called Life

From previous article, if you plan to feed a stray and do not want the mess from taking unfinished food, you can do what I am currently doing:

1. Take a plastic bottle and fill it up with dog or cat biscuits. Seal it up

2. Take a used plastic bottle and fill it up with plain water. Have a small plastic container- I use the one that comes with biscuit packaging.

3. Put the dog/cat food, water and small container below the passenger or drivers seat.  The next time when you drive and see a hungry stray wondering around with no food to eat, stop your car, and drop both the food and water (the weather here has been very hot daily and I’ve seen that the strays are very thirsty too- the plastic container is for you to fill up some water for them.

There you have it. It’s easy and convenient and these items only take up a little space in your car.

Feed a hungry stray today- it does not cost you a lot and it feels good 🙂

Pass a little kindness around 🙂

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