If you want customers to buy your products, show them how to use it

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If you want to increase sales and make people buy your products, you can approach from the angle of how people can use your products. That’s why IKEA is so successful- because they provide various creative displays of homes using their furniture and products. Give potential the visual cues and it would send signals to their brains to buy.

I want to share with you an example of an effective and creative advertisement on….fishballs. Yes, fishballs, squidballs, prawn balls, etc. When you look at the advertisements, aren’t you tempted to buy and eat them?

Above:  Various types of fishballs being displayed on sushi plates- with the sushi theme. And you know what, these items are the everyday items that you can find in the daily wet markets. They’re definitely much cheaper than sushi. And whoever looks at the advertisement starts to develop the idea of serving their fishballs in sushi style….and because the company’s products are within reach, consumers would just buy.

Now, how many of you would consider buying a bunch of fishballs when you see them at this state at the freezer:

Folks would just walk away without much of a second glance- but put them in the yummylicious picture right above the fishball freezer…. and aren’t you just tempted?

A close up of the appetizing cute fishballs….so cute that I bought a packet of them to try out at home.

So, plan your advertisement that way- restaurant chains like PappaRich and Old Town Kopitiam can effectively make people spend more because they invest in appetizing menu book. Everything looks so appetizing that people ended up ordering more.

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