Things do happen for a reason


When I came back from Thailand last month, I found out that my laptop could no longer go online because the network card was damaged due to a lightning storm (I was fortunate the contents of my laptop was intact).

As I run my blogs part-time, I cannot go without an internet connection. Furthermore, I keep in touch with friends via the internet as many of them I do no meet anymore. Prior to this, I’ve always had only one laptop that is shared by the family.

Because the laptop could no longer go online via a LAN cable (but could if go on wireless). This finally made me purchase another netbook (something I had wanted to do for a long time) and installed an internet modem router.

With the router, more than one person was able to go online and I need not deprive my family’s chance of going online when I stay for hours to work on my projects. In future, the netbook would follow me through my outstation and overseas trip- as I also do audio and transcribing work aside from running these blogs.

It is so convenient now- and I would not had made the effort to learn up things if it had not been for my damaged LAN point (yes, surprising I still do not know how to set up a modem router with password until recently).

It’s the same thing in life- often, we are put through inconveniences to learn new things and to grow. We can either choose to make our everyday situation as a catalyst for personal growth or remain annoyed with the inconveniences. I find that after learning to look at things from another perspective, I am much happier. Now, I always ask myself, ‘what can I learn from this.’

Just to share with you the details of netbook that I’ve bought price: RM1299.00:

  • Toshiba Netbook 520-1035
  • comes with Windows 7 that comes with only Microsoft words and Excel starter pack
  • comes with Windows security anti-virus
  • ram 2GB, installed memory about 100 plus GB (that part I forgot but I know a few stores I’ve checked also offered the same standard memory and storage).
  • webcam (viewing, recording) and wireless enabled
  • what made me buy from that particular shop was that the salesperson agreed to install legal open sourced software that I’ve wanted- software to edit photo and powerpoint. She also taught me how to enabled multi language including Thai language. Before you buy any laptop or netbook, identify programs that you need and confirm if the store can help you to install. In previous places, it’s either the store don’t provide the service or the salesperson don’t know how to do it.
  • accessories from netis: little cooling pad, notebook key lock, HUB, notebook screen cleaning kit, keyboard protector, headset, optical mouse and mousepad.

I made the purchase with my credit card and there was no additional charge for swipping on one lump sum. If opt for easy payment scheme (EPP) with most local banks, then pay extra RM30 only (to cover the service charge that they had to pay to the bank).

The Acer netbook also sold for similar price but Toshiba’s inbuild speaker system was better- that you no longer require external speakers.

I’ve also bought Kaspersky Internet protection for 3 users for RM109. With that, I would be able to go online without worrying much about the virus at Wifi enabled areas in future.

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  • Eyague Jun 16, 2011 Link Reply

    Buying a laptop is better than a netbook as latter maybe not suitable for heavy user..

    • Yin Jun 17, 2011 Link Reply

      True my friend. For blogging use, burn CD, recording, audio slicing, etc I still rely heavily on the laptop
      The netbook would be more on travel use or when i had to take it out for some assignments 🙂

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