How to download YouTube videos to MP3 Player


It’s difficult to really find a combination of songs that we specifically like in one album. YouTube have most of the videos that I search for- and to download their videos as well as to convert the videos into audio for my MP3 player, I use RealPlayer- because the application enable me to play MP3 on my laptop.

MP3 players can only accept audio in certain formats- so even if you are transferring from CDs, you need to convert them to MP3 before you can copy to your MP3 player. In terms of sound quality, it’s clear and good enough for me- in fact, I find it to be similar to the CDs I’ve purchased.

How to download the videos from YouTube and later convert them to MP3 format

Here’s what I did. I am not sure if there is virus or malware or not but I do find the software to be really good. I have previously gotten another cheap software which triggered a virus warning.

1. Download the free software from Realplayer website: (there are the premium ones as well).

2. After the software is successfully downloaded into your PC or laptop, each time you access to YouTube, you will see the icon to enable you to download the music videos:

When you click “Download this video”, it will download into your PC. So you can play the video anytime on your PC even though you are not on the net.  You can download multiple videos at one time (ie once it starts to download, you can go on to another video).

3. At the same time, you can also convert the video to MP3 by clicking on the “Convert” icon (you need to mouse over the area to see the icon) as shown below:


4. When you click “Convert”, you can select MP3 format and choose to save back into RealPlayer’s library section or into a separate folder like your My Music folder in your PC. Once you click on “Start” (green button), RealPlayer will convert- it takes only seconds:

4. After it converts, you just need to copy and paste the MP3 audio from your PC to your MP3 player- for mine, I placed it in the “Songs” folder (of course the MP3 player would need to be hooked to the PC via a USB wire which comes with the MP3).

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