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Tang Sanzang (Golden Cicada)- the teacher

Every year in heaven, the Buddha would arrange for a great gathering where chanting and Dhamma is shared. 1500 years ago, who can guess that during a gathering, the Buddha was to banish one of his favorite disciples down to earth.

Tang Shazang (in his previous life) and Guan Yin in the annual heavenly gathering

It was during that gathering, as the Buddha was speaking the Dhamma, a loud snoring sound was heard in the assembly. The favourite disciple was fast asleep and snoring that is….

Tang Shazang falling asleep as Buddha was delivering a sermon

The Buddha went on the say that he had undergo very much hardship to achieve Buddhahood. Despite being one of his favourite disciple, he was to be banished to earth to go through the difficulties in the Journey to the West to take back the sutras. The disciple would bear the name Tang Sanzang (Golden Cicada).

Buddha instructed the kneeling Tang Shazang that he had to come down to earth with a mission

When he was born as a human being, he ordained as a monk from a very young age.

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