WuKong gets banished- Journey to the West


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The Skeleton Spirit, assumes the form of an old lady

Spirit being very scheming, took another form of an old lady, supposedly to be the girl’s mother. Her objective was to instigate WuKong to apparently be killing innocent lives so that the teacher would banish WuKong. And with WuKong, the most powerful disciple out of her way, she knew she would have no problem capturing Tang Shazang.

Skeleton Spirit challenging WuKong to kill her- she said she would eat his teacher

The old lady again instigated WuKong- Wu Kong, being quick tempered again hit and killed her. Tang Shazang was shocked- why would his disciple be such a cold hearted killer. Again WuKong asked for forgiveness and with great reluctance he forgave and told him it would be one last time.

Tang Shazang is very sad why his disciple would want to kill the innocent

Piggie- previously holding a grudge on WuKong felt happier that now his teacher was upset with WuKong.

After burying the old lady and chanting for her, they journeyed again and reached an old house. The house was supposed to belong to the old man- and Tang Shazang told the man in great remorse that WuKong had killed his wife and only daughter.

The old man also instigated WuKong to kill him. Giving in to his impulsive and bad temper, Wu Kong killed the old man.

Tang Shazang buried the old man with his bare hands

His teacher could no longer forgive and chased him away. Despite WuKong’s repeated begging, he refused to bulge. WuKong paid his final respects and left.

WuKong in tears as he was being banished by his teacher


Sometimes, we often blamed external situations when we run into misunderstanding or quarrel with someone.  But often, people only have power over us as much as we allow them to have. Instigators and third parties could break up years of seemingly strong relationships and friendships. For these cases, a deeper investigation would often reveal the early cracks and issues that were probably swept under the carpet.

But if we are in the situation where we are being instigated, we must do our best to maintain our cool. If we are blamed for something that we did not done, and no one wanted to believe our innoncence, so be it. Time prove everything. On the other hand, if we are hearing stories from someone who is backbitting another person, don’t get emotionally agitated as well. Keep our cool and listen with detachment. Because if we allow emotions and even pity to rule us, our judgement may be clouded and one sided.

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