There is no such thing as a dream job or dream company

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Dream jobs and dream companies does not exist. So far, I have not come across anyone who could tell me that their in their dream job. You may hear people who just joined a company telling you this at first- but ask them back the same question after 3 or 6 months, you are bond to get a different answer.

Yes, when we first join a company, the newbie effect had not quite wear off yet- after we wake up to the actual realities of the job and the culture, or the same old daily grind of the job’s demand- then it would no longer be quite as what we have envisioned it to be.

Few people are lucky enough to be paid to do what they love for a living. Even if we do what we love, we may love the job, but not the people and/or working conditions. Or we may love the environment but not the job. So, nothing’s perfect.

But we can alter and change our perception of the job we are doing. I still don’t agree that a job should just be a job, ie we just show up at work, do what is required and get that paycheck at the end of every month. If we perceive it that way, it is a utter waste of life- because we spend our best waking hours working.

When we are in a stressful job, complaining about the stress, people or the management would not help much. It lowers our energy and make us more negative, overwhelmed and angry- in the end, we waste so much energy being negative that we could not be sufficiently focused in our job. So we do a bad job or a so-so work and when we get nothing but bad reviews, it further reinforces our negative views.

You can be in a toxic environment where most people are stressed and demotivated and yet choose to rise above it. Instead of surrendering to circumstances, why not do what is within your power to improve the situation? Avoid getting sucked in by the negativity of others.

If you have less friends and be more low profile, so be it- because at the end of the day, you’ll have more energy left to do things that you love after work.

And if you can do what you can within your power to help those around you- you would really built inner strength. Because in order for us to genuinely give, we must have something within us to give. If we do not care for ourselves, we cannot really care for others. If we are willing to rise to the challenge and attempt to go beyond our limitations, we would rise up step higher- emotionally and even spiritually.

A lot of people can talk about how to improve service, etc, etc….but if you put them in a continuous situation of stress, they cannot practice what they preached.

We can learn all the theories, attend courses and read all the self motivational books out there. But the testing ground is how we handle real life situation. Life is not the theory- but it’s all practical. So, don’t be miserable if your life or work sucks. You can do something about it- you can use the lessons about what you’ve read or been taught and apply them to solve your dilemmas. No matter what, there gotto be a way out of any problems or bad situation.

Without challenges, there would not be any growth. It’s just like building muscles- we need to challenge the body. We cannot built muscles by doing nothing, complaining or sitting on our butts the whole day.

Our inner happiness would improve once we stop running away and work towards overcoming our limitations. When we leave our jobs because of a certain reason like a bad boss, we’ll usually encounter back that situation again and again until we learn to deal with our internal anger towards people with certain personalities.

Once the problem is solved, it’s no longer a problem. The next time we face the same situation, we breeze through it. With that, we release yet another limitation and would work towards achieving a better whole.

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