How much we are meant to have is fated… or not?

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There is a saying in Cantonese that is passed down from ancient times:

 “How much a person can eat or wear is fated.”

Some believe it to be true, some otherwise. Well, it does depend in interpretation.

A lazy and weak-willed person would say, “if I am meant to have a million dollars, even though I do not work, it will fall on my lap. One day I would strike it big through gambling or lottery….”

An industrious person would say, “since I do not know the extend of what I meant to get, let me give it my best shot. Who knows, lady luck may smile down at me…one thing’s for sure, money is not going to come if I just sit around doing nothing and complaining.”

Personally, I do believe in the saying- that the amount of material possessions that we are meant to have is more or less pre-determined. But since we do not know the extend of our earning potential, we just give it our best shot. And accept whatever that comes with an open mind.

That makes life much less stressful, don’t you think so? 🙂

You may say that I am superstitious. But I have observed so many cases- very famous people who had to battle terminal illness. Even among those who I personally know and care about- I have seen, all the wealth they have amassed – in the end is used to treat the cancer growing in them. And often, they do not survive it. In the end, the once rich family becomes poor.

I also believe that the profession we select is  important. If we cheat others to get the wealth or worse still, harm or marginalised others, eventually we would need to pay for it- either with our health, or seeing our loved ones suffer, or having rebellious and children who are only after our wealth….and this often struck us where it hurts the most.

Seeing so many real cases, it’s easy to see that what goes around, comes around. We get what we deserve.  So it’s not worth it to be in the bad side of life. It’s okay to live moderately but happily and peacefully.

In everything I give it my best. I give my heart in my work, my blogs and of course to my family. It’s not hard actually once it becomes a habit. But for the amount of effort I put in, people do tell me that I deserved more.

Of course, I can go for a job that pays well and go to the route most taken- but I would not like what I am doing and aint going to be happy. In the end, I still end would end up living the lavish lifestyle to ‘console myself’ for the compromise that I have taken in life.

If we were to calculate, isn’t it back to square 1? If we live a simplier life, our monthly Visa bill is lower as we would automatically adjust our shopping and purchases within our means.

So then what’s the point of being depressed when we fail?

There are times that we have constantly work hard but can’t seemed to achieve what we want.  So our pay sucks, being overworked and underpaid. We should still need to try to get a better job, but in the meantime, no need to be depressed.

Or if we have been enjoying good wealth, and suddenly our earnings dropped, it’s not the end of the world. How we were prior  to that change?

Circumstances in life can change in a blink of the eye– it’s a fact of life that the wise had learned to accept.

If we learn to think along that line, then our life would be less stressful. We would not lose touch, take time in our life on things that interest us instead of just flowing along with the tide.

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    this is absolutely meaningful 🙂 hope to hear more from you ^^

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