Don’t only work for money

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When we want to do something, it should not always be for the money,

Or what it is in for us.

Else, we would just be following like the waves of the world…

If people say this is good, we go for it…

When people say that is profitable, everyone flock to it.

When we earn, we are happy. When we lose, we are sad.

Read about the profile of successful people- they always try ideas and take risks on things that people don’t see value of.  And they meet with success. After they are successful, the copycats come along but often, they’ve made enough.

It’s just like working… if you work  just for the money- and choose to slack if you don’t get what you want, then there would be no end to what you want….because as humans, no matter how much we get, it’s never enough. Ask those who are rich- they still tell you it’s not enough.

If you work for a cause, for a value of something within you, then even though the pay may not be what you expect or the working condition is not favorable, you still can work if what you do matters to you. If you do what you love, time would pass more quickly. If you do what you hate, the minutes tickles by like an eon.

Tough environment can help built your character and resillience…. if you stay long enough. People who stay at the top with stability and able to command respect is because often they start from the bottom and had gone though the tough time and stuck to it till their build their values, leadership and resillience.

A person who gives up at the slightest sign of trouble would forever give up each time there is trouble. And who says life would always be easy?

Easy environment can make a person more lazy and complacent.

Therefore, it is our choice- to stay or to go.

So, it’s not always about the money….

…. for it’s no point if we are not happy

….. if it is meant to be, it is meant to be. If not, people can still cheat our money

…. we spend time chasing wealth and neglecting our health…..and down the line have to use all that wealth to try to regain health.

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