Happy CNY…and for those who would be spending it alone…


Would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Chinese New Year. May all your hopes and wishes come true.

Drive carefully, rest well. It’s a time for rest and it’s also the time where most Chinese based companies would require their staff to take long leave, with operation closing down for a week or two. Do grab this golden opportunity to spend time with loved ones to catch up- and be really present for them.

Technology has its way of making everything enjoyable and convenient for all- but like money, if we are not careful, our iPads and Smartphones would control us. I’ve seen many families while dining out, the younger ones would be dabbling with their Smartphones while the old folk would be staring blankly in space. We don’t really talk and share as much as we used to anymore.

Let’s strive to learn to spend quality time together. Don’t let technology or superficial relationships take over.

For those who have to spend the festive time alone…

It is also the worst time of the year for those who have to spend it alone. I know some who would be celebrating Chinese New Year alone and probably with Astro or the internet as their only company. Well, don’t despair- it’s only about 4 or 5 days and then things would revert back to the usual again.

Loneliness is a very relative feeling.  We can be in a group of people who look appearently happy and joyful but yet never feel so alone in the world– because it’s as if no one cared or understand and it gets so tiring to put on a mask all the time. Or we could feel elated and happy being alone by ourselves.

Learn to love, learn to serve. And don’t compare with others. If you need to spend the festive season alone, perhaps it’s better to disconnect from all social media sources and TV channels with the festive programs for the time being. Because social media would make anyone who is down to feel even worse.  Then use the time, not to sleep and mull over in depression, but to try to do some tasks or hobby.  Accomplishing something, even a simple task gives a nice feeling and can help to lift you out of the blues.

The next year, perhaps you may want to plan something exciting like travelling by yourself to a totally unfamiliar place, with totally different culture, food and environment. That’ll be great to start planning, budgeting and perhaps even booking the ticket now.

Whatever it is, we come alone to this world, and we also would need to leave it alone one day. You would have sensed that no one can really really understand the real you….after all, most of us also don’t really understand ourselves. When we get comfortable and starting to really to get to know who we are, then we have that capacity to genuinely give and receive without hidden or manupulative expectations. This take time to develop and cultivate… through lots of trials and errors.

So, don’t make yourself sad and miserable and do silly stuff. Take good care of yourself, okie?

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